5 Laundry Rooms That Make Facing Laundry a Little Easier

Face that laundry pile head-on with inspiration from these five laundry rooms that maximize function, storage, and design.

laundry room before

This oversize closet is the perfect place to tuck in a small laundry room. However, it started out drab and dark.

After: Bright and Useful Closet Takeover

laundry room

With a few simple additions, this closet is now a welcoming and useful laundry space. A striped rug, baskets and bins for organizing and sorting, and plenty of hanging space and shelving for all of your laundry needs make this laundry room functional as well as pretty. To see the full reveal, visit Four Generations One Roof.

Before: Wasted Space


Before the makeover, this area was wasted space not being used to its potential.

After: Smart Folding Station

laundry room

After a thoughtful makeover, this space is now ready for its closeup. Not only is this space pretty, but its functionality is maximized. The shelves hold baskets for organizing all laundry needs. The best feature, however, is that even in this small space there is surface for folding and stacking clothes. To see the full makeover and learn how it was completed on a budget, visit Four Generations One Roof.

Add Furniture Details

laundry room

This laundry space from Thistlewood Farms proves that laundry rooms don't have to be cold and unwelcoming. Capitalizing on the fact that the space is shared with a bathroom, the owner used traditional furniture elements to create a classic space that is still functional for laundry.

Go Bold


If you have a little more space to work with, you can create a bold look. Forget white or wood cabinets and neutral floors. This space pairs colorful walls and cabinets with bold floors and striking accessories. This is a perfect example of breaking out of the expected rules for a laundry room and creating a space you love to be in despite the chore of doing laundry.

Bright and Colorful

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This laundry room layout is a common one. Just because it is typical doesn't mean it has to be boring. Adding wallpaper to the back wall brings in some fun and pattern. A unique light fixture makes things a little less utilitarian. Bold stripes on the floor are completely unexpected and welcome you in. The shelves provide the functionality of storage but also provide an opportunity to add some pretty accessories.

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