Tucked-Away Laundry Rooms

You don't need to devote a lot of space to laundry. A loft, closet, or awkward space under the stairs make great laundry stations.

Double Duty

Hide your laundry room in plain sight. A front-loading washer and dryer fit neatly under lower cabinets. Cabinet doors close to hide the machines when not in use, and open to fully expose them when needed. The counter serves as a buffet during meals and a folding spot during laundry time.

Tip: Front-loading washing machines are more energy efficient than traditional top-loaders. They can use up to 65 percent less water and 46 percent less energy than top-loading machines.

Tight Space

Squeeze a laundry center between two walls. A front-loading washer and dryer make it possible to install a folding counter with plenty of elbowroom. Storage in this tiny space is enhanced by open shelves on the wall.

Lofty Loads

Small spaces, such as lofts, are perfect for laundry rooms. Install shelves and cabinets to create a full-service laundry center. This arrangement allows homeowners to wash, dry, iron, and fold all in one location.

Tip: A tall cabinet with a cutout is perfect for storing an ironing board.

Perfect Angle

Make use of any available space. Here, the awkward space below the attic eaves or under the stairs is perfect for a washer and dryer. Add built-in shelving in various sizes for extra storage.

Room with a View

Turn a pass-through space into a laundry center. This sunroom (which leads to the yard) offers plenty of room for the washer and dryer and laundry baskets. Bonus: The large windows give the feeling of being outside instead of stuck inside doing chores.

Under Cover

Adding a counter above the washer and dryer creates a convenient surface for folding clothes and leaves ample space for laundry baskets below. Hampers tucked under the counter hold sorted laundry and keep the floor clear.

Closet Features

Don't know what to do with a hall closet? Remove the doors to make room for the washer and dryer. If the closet doesn't already have a shelf, install one and use it to keep laundry supplies handy.

Curtain Call

If your laundry room is in the open, install a rod and curtain to hide the area when necessary. Add hooks and shelves for storage and hanging options.

Tip: Buy a washer and dryer that stack on top of drawers which can hold laundry supplies or folded clothes.

Mile High

Maximize space by sticking the washer and dryer in a tall closet. This works best with front-loading washers and dryers that are designed to stack. Shut the door when guests arrive to hide clutter.

Perfect Spot

Keep your laundry center organized by giving everything a designated spot. Install cubbies at the top of the closet. Make sure some of the spaces are wide enough to hold folded clothes. Also, install the cubbies high enough for a top-loading washer to open with ease.

Custom Made

If the laundry center is out in the open, use built-in shelves to contain everything. This three-piece laundry center consists of shelves on either side of the washer and dryer. Use baskets to hold laundry supplies and clothes. Place a countertop above the shelves to serve as a folding station.

On the Rail

Don't have enough space for all of your laundry supplies? Install a built-in cabinet. This cabinet has doors to hide less-attractive items. The pull-out drawer is perfect for stashing the laundry basket. It also features a retractable pole for hanging wet clothes.

Tip: If you don't want to build a laundry center, you can purchase pre-made cabinets from a home store and install them to create a similar effect.

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