Fully Loaded Laundry Room

A whole lot more than laundry happens in this hardworking space. With great light, soft finishes, and tons of storage, it's a place to linger.

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Calling this a laundry room is a bit of an understatement. Sure, it's where the homeowner tends to the never-ending piles of T-shirts and towels from her two teen boys. But the space is more of a "she cave"—a retreat where she can get crafty, look through cookbooks, arrange flowers, and work at her computers.

The light, bright room is a pass-through from garage to house. In addition to laundry, it includes a mudroom with built-in lockers plus a desk that creates a work-from-home office. Open and closed shelving allow for both hidden-away storage and the opportunity to showcase pretty laundry essentials and crafting supplies.

White cabinetry and gray subway tiles bring clean, soft style to the room. Floating shelves are a modern touch and keep the wall airy, while dark floors mask dirt.

Open Spaces


Individual lockers and cubbies provide designated homes for coats, backpacks, and lacrosse sticks. Big wicker baskets look streamlined as they corral all the extras that clutter entry spaces.

Working It

woman at computer on wall desk

Thanks to white paint and brushed nickel hardware, this desk blends seamlessly with the cabinets and lockers, making the room's three distinct zones cohesive. A clear acrylic chair is sturdy but feels open and a little glamorous.

Wrapping Station

wrapping paper storage

Rolls of wrapping paper slip onto dowels in a niche designed for preparing gifts. The counter next to the sink provides plenty of elbowroom for projects.

Personalized Work Zone


Add some flair to your work area with patterned wallpaper; it gives any bland wall a personal touch. Wallpapering the back of this desk cabinet gives the mostly white room interest and helps define a work area. When choosing a pattern, be sure to avoid extremely busy prints that can be overwhelming and distracting.

Soaking Sink

farmhouse sink

Don't limit yourself with a small, sectioned-off sink. A farmhouse sink can be used for countless purposes, including dog baths, a drop spot for wet towels, and a place to snip fresh flowers. A bridge-style faucet accommodates items large and small.

Schedule Central

laundry room

A magnetic chalkboard is one of the simplest DIY projects, and we guarantee you will use it. Wooden molding dresses up the paint-on surface and creates crisp lines. These beaded-board cabinets are the perfect height for storing ironing gear and freshly pressed clothes.

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