Transform a standard closet into an efficient laundry room with smart features that help you stay on top of washing duties and weekly chores.

Good things come in small packages. At least they do when you fill a small footprint with lots of versatile storage to simplify your family's laundry routine. We outfitted a standard 6-foot-wide closet with a custom hamper, a drying rack, and stylish shelves and bins to maximize efficiency in the minimal space. Nearly every inch is put to work, including the closet's return walls and space above and to the side of the washer and dryer. Hanging bins and a basket filled with stain-care supplies ensure often-used tools are close at hand, and a family laundry schedule displayed on the wall keeps everyone on track for the week (and helps everyone share the space without conflict). Surprisingly, laundry isn't such a dreaded chore when you make it easy to throw in a load and you have smart laundry processes in place to curb the mess, eliminate frustrations, and get clean clothes back to their proper places.

laundry room in closet with wooden barn doors
Credit: Marty Baldwin

Add convenient folding space by topping a front-loading washer and dryer with a countertop. Cut a 96-inch butcher-block countertop to fit your space. To ease laundry chores, look for a washer with handy features like a dispenser that puts in just the right amount of detergent, Wi-Fi connection to start a load remotely, and technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

If you have extra wall space on either side of your laundry closet, barn doors can upgrade the look. They add farmhouse charm and slide easily out of the way when you need to work. Barn door hardware kits make it easy to install sliding doors.

corner of laundry room holding paper products
Credit: Marty Baldwin

Stash extra paper products out of the way on a top shelf. Hide laundry supplies that aren't in your daily rotation in fabric bins until needed.

organized corner of laundry room
Credit: Marty Baldwin

Pack more function into your closet by making use of its side walls. Matching bins hang from hooks—one holds supplies and the other collects single socks until their missing partners can be found. A laundry schedule reminds each family when it's their day to take over laundry duties.

basket holding laundry supplies
Credit: Marty Baldwin

Felt bins offer an attractive way to round up assorted laundry-care items, such as a lint roller, sweater shaver, and handheld steamer. The bin can easily be taken off the wall and moved to a convenient spot when needed—and put away just as quickly. Felt works well here because these items won't spill or leak.

wire rack with sorted laundry
Credit: Marty Baldwin

A two-drawer hamper helps pre-sort dirty clothes so you can quickly pop in a load on your way out the door or as you return from work. You can sort clothes by white, darks, and towels, or divide them by person. Add labels to ensure all family members know what goes where.


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