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These teenage bedroom ideas will give your teens and tweens a space they can claim as their own. Depending on the day—or even the hour—a teen's bedroom might serve as a homework zone, a social center, or a protective bunker. Help your teen realize the potential of this important space with these teen bedroom decor ideas.

Same Color, Different Hue

At the end of adolescence, some kids leap into their teenage years, ready to look and act grown up. If you have one of these kids, help them achieve a mature yet youthful look in their personal space. You don't have to ditch the bright and happy colors or playful patterns of their childhood room. But you can implement sophisticated teenage bedroom ideas for an above-grade-level makeover. To advance a favorite color scheme, turn up the intensity of the hues: turn pale pink into fuchsia or mint green into chartreuse, for example. Rather than pick patterns that feel childish (polka dots), opt for classic plaids, damasks, stripes, and florals in modern designs and punchy colors. And limit the patterns to accent pillows or window treatments. When the bulk of the decorating scheme includes solid patterns, it feels less animated and more restful.

Adventurous Decor

Choosing a boy's teen bedroom decor can be a challenge—it's all about the balance of themes and neutrals. In this boy's room, a love of everything outdoors is featured in the decor. The patchwork finish of the desk and accent pillows add interest to basic beige bedding. Rustic paddles and wood ceiling beams make the space feel mature and continue the subtle cabin theme.

Shared Teen Bedroom

For a teen that shares a bedroom with a sibling, the room can hardly be a private retreat. But you can try to give her some space of her own by trading bunk beds for twins and separating them as much as possible. Sliding a spacious desk or bulky dresser between the beds creates a barrier. Give each sleeper her own lamp and electrical outlets for chargers and electronics. Look for colors and patterns for the bedding and window treatments that are age-neutral. And try to incorporate areas for personal expression, such as separate corkboards for photos and posters and independent shelves to display collectibles. 

Personal Retreat

As homework starts to take up more of your teen's time, you'll often find them working in their bedroom. Look for teenage bedroom furniture that provides flexibility and comfort. A desk keeps everything needed for homework or art projects close at hand. A lounge area gives them a place to relax before jumping into their next task. 

Grown-Up Princess

Some girls never want to leave the princess stage. To give your young monarch a not-too-youthful bedroom scheme, ditch the frothy pink teenage room ideas and use regal finishes and motifs instead. Even if your teen loves pale pink to this day, it doesn't have to cover the walls, bed, and floors. Choose a neutral hue or a complementing muted shade for the walls and bedding. Limit pink to the accents in pillows, a rug, or artwork. Shiny and sparkly surfaces, such as a mirrored side table and silver chandelier, provide an elegant look. For the crowning touch, include a canopy over the bed. It can be as simple as curtains hanging around a four-poster bed, or as ornate as sheer fabric draped from a ceiling medallion.

Beautiful Brights

While primary colors can look juvenile, more complex bright colors can give a space a more mature vibe. In this teen room idea, jade wall color adds energy to the space, and pops of turquoise stand out against white furniture and decor. Arabesque patterns and animal prints are more teen-friendly pattern choices than polka dots or stars.

Rich Basics

The classic combo of navy and red can be appropriate for both boy's and girl's bedrooms, and can eventually transition to fit a guest room. In this teenage bedroom design idea, large detailed patterns add texture and interest to the floor, bedding, and headboard. Add a dark accent wall behind the headboard to make a statement and tie together the color scheme.

Future Focus

Most teens are looking forward—to future schooling, work, or travel. Help them refine that vision with teen room ideas that underscore their interests. A world map will help them plot their course. Implements of their future career can also be inspiring. Help a future car mechanic find vintage racing posters or logos of favorite vehicles. For a someday doctor, you could have fun with not-too-gory anatomical charts or posters from medical TV shows. If your teen has settled on a college, incorporate the school's colors into the decor, put up the football team's poster, or look for fabric that displays the school logo and sew it into curtains.

White Surfaces

Set up a teen room with a wall color that can be easily adapted to fit different themes, interests, and accent colors as they grow older. In this teenage bedroom interior design, crisp white covers the walls, trim, and built-ins. A patterned area rug, bedspread, and floor pillows keep the look interesting. Many patterned decor designs have a white background, so anything goes when redecorating with textiles and bedding. This is also a great teenage bedroom idea for small rooms because the white walls make the room look larger.

Graphic Art

Give a boy's teenage bedroom a contemporary look with bright, abstract prints hung above the bed. These pieces can introduce other accent colors to a neutral or masculine color scheme. The best part? You can replace them with new artwork as time goes on to match changing tastes in color and style. 

Mature Pastels

Teenage bedroom design ideas need to balance equal parts youthful and mature. Pastels can feel immature when they dominate a sleeping space, since they are often used in nurseries and toddler rooms. But they can be updated with smart patterns and accessories. In this lavender room, wallpaper with a small-scale floral print gives the space an adult look, and the French-style furniture and chandelier feel grown up.

Big Pattern

Give a teen room a fun look with big, bright patterns and unexpected accessories. This bedroom features an accent pillow with zebras, a unique sunburst wall art piece, and ornate gold pendants above the side tables. The mix of red, Kelly green, navy, and mustard gives a mature twist on primary colors.

Magical Mural

Keep the whimsy of a children's bedroom design with a large mural or wallpaper. This grown-up girl's room uses contemporary bedding and a headboard with nailhead trim to increase the age range of the decor. The contemporary bedding, side table, and light fixture add a more mature vibe to the space. 

Personal and Unique

Most teens want their spaces to be different—either different from what they had before or different than anyone else's. To encourage this search for self-identity, include music, art, and collectibles in the room's decoration. These pastimes allow your teen to show what she's interested in. Movie and concert posters, framed prints, travel photos, and sports trophies are standard fare and cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom. You can also hang some of the teen's own artwork in frames, or turn it into a wall decal or mural. Another way to achieve a unique look is to hunt one-of-a-kind items at thrift stores. Look for vintage fabric to turn into bed linens or curtains, retro lamps, or interesting furniture pieces your teen can paint and personalize.

Grown-Up Gray

Gray is a timeless neutral shade, and can easily be part of a teen's bedroom color scheme. The color can work for both boy's and girl's rooms with smart attention to hue, patterns, and details. This shared teen bedroom uses a striped rug and damask textiles behind the headboards to add interest to an all-gray room. 

Neutral Scheme

Go for a neutral scheme with a pop of bright color when choosing teen boy's room decor. This bedroom incorporates tan, black, sage green, and a few pops of orange for an interesting combination. The orange drapes and accent pillow can be easily traded out to incorporate a new color. A mounted skateboard, robot pillow, and travel accessories showcase the teen's personality.

Glam Accent Color

This teen girl's room balances muted neutrals with bright pops of turquoise and cherry red for a fun and glamorous look. The patterned upholstered headboards tie the scheme together and add interest to the space. When considering teen bedroom decor, look for designs with plenty of storage. In this space, a large dresser between the twin beds holds a lamp for each side of the room, serves as a bedside table, and a room divider. 

Refreshing Teen Design

This teen took design cues from her favorite drink bottle to give her bedroom personal style. The teal and raspberry pink hues give traditional pink and blue a grown-up kick. She brings the colors together with the striped accent rug and patterned throw that feature all the colors in the room. The white platform bed brings style and storage space to the small bedroom without distracting from the bold colors. To give the room even more personal style, the hand-painted tree grows into a stylish headboard.

Mod Squad

Bold colors and groovy graphics were the starting points in this teenager's room. First, a king-size headboard paired with a twin-size mattress placed lengthwise creates a hip daybed that offers extra storage. The short length of the piece keeps to the simplicity needed in a smaller teen room.

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