Rockin' Teen Girl's Room

Decked out like a vintage trailer in sleek silvers, this music lover's suite is ready to rock.

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    Ready to Rock

    This rock 'n' roll bedroom was inspired by a vintage aluminum trailer. An open, overhead "luggage rack," built by soldering metal pipes together, creates tons of storage. Instead of using a headboard, this full-size bed was piled with large, wedge-shape back cushions and turned sideways to give it the look of a daybed.

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    The bedroom walls were detailed with thin strips of molding and painted metallic silver. The molding was then studded with bolts to mimic the look of riveted walls.

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    Fun Fabrics

    Lime green and deep brown are the retro colors of choice, adding warmth to the cool silver walls and abundant metal accessories. The fabrics are a mix of funky, stylized patterns and textures -- from faux fur to polished cottons edged with glass beads.

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    Rock and Roll Desk

    An awkward alcove is outfitted with a long built-in desk and white cabinets. The light-up "lounge" sign reminds anyone who enters that this room is about hanging out. Of course, other rock 'n' roll accessories are found around the room, from framed album covers to guitar patterns and CDs.

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    Lounge Area

    Shiny metal furnishings, such as the retro dinette table and pantry shelves, are a natural fit in this room. The shelves were purchased at a kitchen store but are perfect for stashing magazines and books.

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    Cool Banquette

    With a simple cove crown molding, the ceiling above the banquette was rounded like the inside of an Airstream trailer. Banquette seating makes good use of space and adds to the hip trailer theme.

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    Soft and Cozy

    Oversized corduroy pillows continue the green and brown color scheme and can be used on the banquette, bed, or tossed on the green carpet for additional seating.

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    Pretty Touches

    Skinny glass vases catch the light from the bedroom window and add a fresh and feminine touch.

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    Matching Bathroom

    The rich green color scheme carries into the adjoining bathroom. The shower curtain pockets are filled with reflective CDs.

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    Cool Tile

    Sleek surfaces rule in the adjoining bath, where modern metallic-finish tile sidles up to a shiny green glass tile wall.

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    Clean and Fresh

    The sleek citron glass tile is also an accent on the white tile bathroom floor. The white tile matches the bright sink, cabinetry, toilet, and shower.

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