Fresh Solutions for Kid Clutter

These clutter-busting solutions might just inspire you to tackle the storage problems in your kids' rooms. Make use of inexpensive shelving, closet redos, underbed storage, and more.

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    Colorful Bin

    Whether you use them for toy storage or out-of-season clothes, bright bins will help your kids stay organized. Arranged at a child-friendly height, this grouping of bins fits snugly into an oversize organizer. The gold hue and metal finish are reminiscent of lockers. Include labels identifying the contents of the bins for an added layer of organization.

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    Wall Cubbies

    Display cubes make for excellent kids' room storage. They can be painted any color and arranged in any configuration for a custom look. This stack of storage cubes utilizes a small wall and vertical space, and is filled with the child's precious keepsakes.

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    A Case for Storage

    Placed side by side, bookcases with large bases become storage central. Toys can be displayed on open shelves, while built-in drawers below stash unsightly items. Painted a creamy white, the storage space works for any age, from toddler to teen. 

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    Corner Cabinet

    Make the most of an unoccupied corner by filling it with storage. This nursery has a dresser-turned-changing table occupying the space between walls. Its deep drawers hold clothes and changing supplies below. 

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    Simple rolling bins replace a typical toy box in this kids room. This storage solution fits perfectly underneath the bed, and its out-of-sight, out-of-mind tendency makes cleanup a breeze. A lightweight design and casters allow the bins to be easily pulled out for playtime.

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    Think Thrift

    A child's bedroom doesn't have to lack style to stay organized. In fact, these spaces can be the perfect receptacle for funky flea market finds. This metal locker unit, for example, holds extra toys and clothes in both open and closed storage while adhering to the home's overall industrial design style. 

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    Personalized Cubbies

    A basic cubby set gets a custom look with smart storage add-ons. Large white bins hold larger items, while smaller plastic containers keep tiny items like crafts supplies tidy. The generous counter space keeps important items close. Meanwhile, picture frames outfitted with elastic straps hold books in place near a reading nook.

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    Wall Mount

    Wall-mounted crates turn otherwise wasted wall space into a valuable storage center. A narrow-yet-durable design is perfect for holding books and magazines. When installing crates near a closet, as shown here, make sure there's plenty of clearance for the door. 

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    Room for Others

    Your child's siblings and friends will love that there's a space designed just for them. A chair, bean bag, bench, or window seat all fit the bill. Look for a furniture piece, such as the bench shown here, that doubles as storage space for your kids room or playroom.

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    Pink Living

    Whether your furniture is new or used, unite the pieces with color. Pink in various shades is carried throughout this small space. The storage-savvy shelving unit is dressed in a pretty white to ensure the piece stays timeless while your child (and her taste in decor) grows. 

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    Annexed Space

    Installing a bank of cabinets in unused wall space provides oodles of storage. The cabinets hide diapers, clothes, shoes, and other items behind closed doors. A set of open shelves on the wall provides a display area for more precious items.

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    Look High

    Hang a display shelf high on the wall to keep your child's treasures in view. These items will be out of the way when your kids are toddlers and can serve as a changing arrangement of trophies, artwork, and stuffed animals as the years pass.

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    Underbed Storage

    This shared kids room takes advantage of its small layout thanks to built-ins under the bed. Pull-out drawers hold books, stuffed toys, and other nighttime needs. The bunk-style beds free up floor space elsewhere in the room. 

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    Transform a Nook

    An awkward nook of space gets a storage redo with a few simple tweaks. A basic cube organizer doubles as bookshelf and toy box, while the top shelf holds treasured collectibles. A cozy chair encourages your kiddo to curl up with a book. 

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    Basket Break

    Baskets make any mess look instantly more organized. A collection of different sizes and shapes is perfect for corralling stuffed toys, knickknacks, and other small items. Fun pops of color add a touch of whimsical style. 

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    Detailed Dresser

    In a room that's large enough, a dresser can be a great addition. Fill with clothing, CDs, or games. This one is detailed with a chic ombre look. 

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    Hiding in Plain Sight

    Large white wicker baskets offer handy storage for bulky items like diapers and wet wipes. To cut down on dust, look for storage bins with lids. Or nestle them in a freestanding organizer. 

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    Sneaky Storage

    Sneak storage into your kids room anywhere you can. In this room, drawers built under the window seat and bed provide handy places to keep toys at child level. A large built-in shelving unit displays favorite collectibles.

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    Kids Room Window Seat

    A window seat flanked by two large shelves is the perfect spot to retreat with a good book. Deck out the space with comfy pillows and stuffed toys. Baskets beneath the window seat hold favorite reads. 

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