17 Decorative Toy Storage Ideas So You Can Tidy Up With Style

black-and-white labeled baskets with various toys
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When left unchecked, kids' toys tend to turn up all over the house. To keep towers of toys contained, try these solutions to stash their playthings in an organized, accessible place. These kids' toy storage ideas will help contain the clutter in your child's room and throughout the rest of your home.

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Kids' Storage Shelves

pink sofa floor-to-ceiling bookcase chalkboard pillow playroom
Edmund Barr

Take advantage of every inch of available space in your child's room by outfitting corners or narrow stretches of wall with built-in shelving. The shelves of this niche offer storage space for books, with most within kids' reach. This trick is especially handy when configuring toy storage ideas for small spaces.

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Built-In Kids' Storage

games and toys in cabinets and pull-out shelf
Werner Straube

Utilize built-in cabinetry to hide kids' toy storage in plain sight. Among this bank of cabinets, one unit is dedicated to storing art supplies, books, puzzles, and other playthings. A pull-out shelf keeps supplies in easy reach, while bins offer stow-away space for loose items like building blocks.

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Toy Storage Baskets

children toy storage containers
Steven McDonald

Baskets can provide simple storage for children's toys. This colorful assortment provides lightweight storage for books, art supplies, plush toys, and other small items in a playroom. Color-code the bins for specific purposes, or label the front of each to make cleanup time a breeze for little hands.

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Kid-Friendly Open Shelving

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Edmund Barr

Low, open shelves make it easy for kids to grab their favorite toys and put them away when playtime is over. Use baskets, canisters, or desktop organizers to sort and store loose items for a clean look. Soft-sided bins with handles provide convenient access for little hands.

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Kids' Storage Furniture

play room lined built ins
Brie Williams

Bring in stand-alone furniture pieces to boost storage and display space in a child's bedroom. Here, a tall bookshelf that holds books, craft supplies, and collectibles pairs with a simple bench to create a colorful reading nook. Open storage below the bench seat offers a spot to store board games and other small playthings.

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Kids' Toy Organization

black-and-white labeled baskets with various toys
John Bessler

Food storage containers are a smart, space-saving way to organize small kids' toys. These clear containers with snap-on lids provide designated places for toy cars, character figurines, crayons, and more. Stack them up inside large baskets for easy portability.

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Decorative Toy Storage

Glass boxes on wall with toys displayed
Kritsada Panichgul

Turn toys into works of art with this storage idea. Acrylic display boxes mounted to the wall create a place of honor for kids' creations or favorite playthings. Display items inside and on top to decorate your child's room with their handiwork.

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Under-Bed Kids' Storage

twin storage beds in kids bedroom with tree wallpaper, letter marquis decor and yellow accents
Michael Partenio

Utilize toy storage ideas high and low in kids' rooms. These matching twin beds boast handy under-bed drawers, which offer a terrific spot to stash specialty items such as out-of-season clothing or bulky sports equipment. A dresser unit in between the beds can corral smaller items, such as school supplies and books.

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Toy Storage Cubbies

kids room cubby bookshelf pink decor
Alec Hemer

A set of freestanding bookcases or a cubby system can outfit a kids' room with plenty of storage and style. The versatile toy organizer provides the option of mixing and matching baskets or bins for both concealed and open storage. Here, handled baskets corral items such as plush toys, art supplies, and other small playthings, while open cubbies display colorful books. The top of the unit offers display space for artwork and collectibles.

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Kids' Book Storage

kids playroom books toys and white wicker chair
Brie Williams

This kids' storage idea utilizes books as part of the room's decor. Shallow floating shelves prop up a colorful collection of kids' books next to a cozy reading chair. A raised front edge keeps the books from sliding off the shelf.

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Window Seat Toy Storage

seating near window with toy storage
Adam Albright

Create the look of a built-in window seat without the expense. This freestanding bench nestles perfectly beneath a window, offering comfy seating that doubles as toy storage. Three cubbies below the seat cushion are easy for kids to access and provide plenty of space to store games, books, and plush toys. Canvas bins, like the blue ones shown here, feature durable material and soft-sided edges, making them ideal for little ones. They are also lightweight and come in a large variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.

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Window Nook Storage

kids bedroom sea salt wall color white furniture
Edmund Barr

Window nooks are the perfect way to create a spot for reading and daydreaming. A thick upholstered cushion and plenty of pillows make it comfy for adults and children alike. Drawers below the window seat serve as toy storage units and provide a spot to stow away games and extra blankets.

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Built-In Kids' Desk

office space with wall shelving
Brie Williams

Built-in desks can be a worthwhile investment that adapts to different uses as your child grows. Closed drawers provide space to store items that tend to clutter the desktop, such as paper and pencils. A tall bookcase showcases books and stuffed animals now but can be used to display collectibles later on.

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Repurposed Toy Storage Unit

storage cabinet with games and toys
Molly Sinnett

This armoire has been repurposed into a handy toy storage unit for a child. The interior shelves are outfitted with storage bins and canisters that house a variety of toys and games. The metal doors offer display space for family photos, dry-erase boards, and kids' artwork attached with magnets.

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Mobile Toy Storage

plastic bin storage for toys
Tara Striano

Corralling small items such as toy cars and block sets is an important step in keeping your child's room or playroom neat and clutter-free. This handy bin organizer offers space for up to 12 plastic storage bins that can be easily carried around the room when it's time to play and quickly replaced when it's time to clean up. The angled design lets kids easily see what's inside each bin.

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Multifunctional Furniture

living room black white accents with fireplace
John Bessler

Storage ottomans are a great solution for toy storage ideas in the living room. They come in so many colors, shapes, and sizes, and they double as seating or a place to prop up your feet. This toy organizer can be tucked into corners and under console tables or be placed in front of the sofa. The best part is that most are soft-sided, making them even more kid-friendly. Ottomans keep toy clutter discreetly tucked away, yet toys are simple to access at playtime.

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Storage Sideboard

child near white cabinets
John Granen

A sideboard or a set of cabinets can also be relied upon for tucked-away toy storage. They offer an attractive look yet boast all sorts of storage for games and bulky toys on the inside. Available in many colors and styles, they can be used in just about any room in the home.

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