Quick and Easy Kids' Room Storage

Divide and conquer an overstuffed kids' closet with affordable solutions that maximize storage and space.

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    Quick Change

    A peek inside this bench shows off ample storage for an overflow of toys or blankets and bedding. Make a bench like this using cabinets usually designated for the kitchen.

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    Bright Spot

    A window seat with a shelf for locker bins helps store toys with ease. When you plan your child's room, make sure you include enough storage for all the things in the room, plus some. It makes everyone's lives easier and less stressful when things are organized and clean.

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    Storage Cubed

    This handy storage unit has easy-to-reach shelves that make putting away toys, awards, and pictures a breeze. Since it's on wheels, the unit can be easily moved to another part of the room to accommodate other pieces of furniture.

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    Behind Closed Doors

    Use an armoire or cabinet for out-of-sight storage. It's a unique way to store all kinds of items, and the doors can easily be closed if unexpected company shows up.

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    The Perfect Mix

    Inside the armoire, baskets hold clothes and colorful bins hide books and toys. Different containers make it easy to identify items.

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    Shelf Nook

    Utilize every inch of space in your child's room by incorporating even the most unlikely nooks. This in-wall unit allows your child to display beloved toys and keep favorite books handy.

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    Study Station

    A locker-style desk tames school supplies, while the combination chalkboard/bulletin board above it displays artwork and reminders of practice times and homework assignments. Labels on the drawers make it easy to return items to their proper places.

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    Sneaky Slide-Out

    The bed is outfitted with captain's storage -- drawers and shelves for stowing gear underneath. Colorful boxes slide out to keep items such as books and a night light handy.

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    One-Wall Storage

    Designate an entire wall for storage with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Keep your child's favorite items out on the shelves and store extra books or toys in cabinets at the base of the shelves.

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    Make It Easy

    Oversize canisters with lids invite kids to toss in large items such as plush animals, balls, and shoes. If you find canisters that are the right size, but that don't coordinate with your style, consider painting them or covering them with paper.

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