Keep your kids room organized with these smart storage tricks to tame toys, books, and more.

Kids rooms are often filled with toys, books, clothes, games, and more. And with those items comes a lot of clutter, especially when working with a small space. Put the fun into functional with these storage strategies for kids rooms. We'll tour a real-life kid's bedroom and the creative organization ideas the homeowners have implemented to keep every item stylishly stored.

Bookcase System

bookshelf up close

To keep items off the floor, incorporate a bookcase. Just be sure that if it's freestanding, you've secured it to a wall for safety. Group reading materials in acrylic bins so titles are clearly visible and books are easy to put back in place. For style points, organize books by color to achieve a color-blocked look and to create a system kids can follow.

Obvious Storage

toy truck storage

Use visual cues on lidded boxes to organize similar toys. Simple drawings on these cardboard boxes indicate what trinkets are inside. Not much of an artist? Use picture labels instead. Once labeled, stack the boxes on a shelf or slide under the bed for out-of-sight storage.

Clever Labels

pow lunch box

A superhero-theme lunch box becomes the obvious choice for storing superhero action figures. Using storage items that hint at which toys belong inside helps kids keep up with putting toys away.

Toy Chest

book shelf

Stow bulky toys and games in a deep chest with a lid. Look for slow-release hinges that won't pinch little fingers. If needed, block off sections of the bottom of the chest with painters tape to give items a specific spot for easy put-away.

Animal Basket

stuffed animal storage, kids toys, kids rooms, toy storage

For favorite plush toys, use a big catchall basket. Choose a soft-sided design that softens the space and encourages kids to clean up after themselves. Soft-sided baskets are also lightweight, making this storage vessel easy to move around.

Underbed Space

train board under bed

Under the bed is prime real estate for often-used items that are tricky to store like this train table. It rolls out with ease and it slides beneath the bed when playtime is over. Utilize every nook and cranny, especially when working with a small space.


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