15 Creative Work Space Ideas to Inspire Your Kids to Study

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Will having a dedicated spot for homework transform your kid into a straight-A student? Probably not, but it will make getting it all done a lot more fun!

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Little Library

desk for kids

If you can't make it to the library every day to study, bring the library to your kid's room! Create a literary collection by placing floating shelves above a medium-size work desk. Arranged in one long column, these shelves display favorite books from throughout your kid's childhood. Make sure the shelves have a small lip on the edge to prop the books up against. Rotate old books out with new as the school year goes on.

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Look Out Below

eclectic kids room with table and chairs

While an adult may be deterred from sitting at a desk with little leg room, kids wouldn't blink an eye! In fact, the storage cubbies in this piece of furniture shouldn't even hit the knees of a tyke, making it perfect for a kids-only homework station. Fill the lowered shelves with both educational and fun games. Enlist a rule that only the educational ones may be used during the week, and the silly games are saved for the weekend.

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Vintage Finds


Ask older relatives who have retired for their work space hand-me-downs. A little love and care can buff a vintage desk back into shape just in time for school to start. Top the aged desk with fresh accessories like vibrant storage containers and a charging station. Plus, the classic furniture may encourage your tykes to take their studies seriously.

How to Organize Your Desk

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Lofted Dreams

kids' bedroom

A lofted bed is the perfect opportunity for a designated homework hub. Tuck a slim desk under the bed with a comfy rolling chair. Let your son or daughter decorate the back wall with favorite pictures and memories. If there is still space below, throw down some pillows or a beanbag chair for the perfect afternoon reading nook.

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Mom and Me

bright home office

Keep a close watch on your kid's homework while you exemplify what it means to be a hard worker. Side-by-side work spaces for adults and kids benefit both parties. The kids are less likely to get distracted by television and their phones while the parent does not have to leave the room to answer a quick homework question. A corner setup allows each person to have their own clear work space without the threat of clutter overflow.

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A Study in Suspension

desk for kids

This compact study space is perfect for a teen unwilling to give up precious bedroom space for a bulky desk. Narrow compartments hold essential technology with cleverly placed holes to thread charging cords down to the wall outlet. A partially suspended desk adds clean lines to a modern room and also allows easy vacuuming and pickup. A hook nearby provides a designated space to hang a backpack and reduce clutter.

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Study Tables


Middle school and high school bring on a whole new set of challenges, but one thing every student will eventually face is group projects. Ease their stress by ensuring a spacious, quiet place to gather and collaborate. A large work desk with proper chairs promotes a healthy group environment, and small tables nearby can hold study snacks without spilling on papers. A room like this is much more efficient than crowding around a couch and floor seating.

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Checkerboard Wall

In the Home Office

Let your kid design their own work space to cater to their needs. This modular design has a variety of squares that can be swapped and changed as their course load increases. Pegboards come in handy for holding pencil cups and small compartments while writing surfaces are a go-to place to jot down important dates. Be sure to include squares covered in pretty scrapbook paper for a bit of creativity to break up the work zone.

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Tucked and Tidy

desk for kids

Having a creative space is so important for young minds. A half table like this one gives ample space for creating and studying without taking up too much room. Pair it with a short, cushioned stool or ottoman. When not in use, the stool can be tucked under the table to free up more valuable floor space. For extra creative inspiration, consider replacing the tabletop with a dry-erase surface to doodle on while your child works.

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Blended Style

Dabito Midcentury Desk

Give your kids ample work space without ruining your home's aesthetic. This trendy plywood storage unit has a bonus desk surface built in. We love this adjustable desk because it can be raised as your children grow up. Keep a closed storage basket or cabinet nearby to hold bulky school supplies and textbooks close yet out of sight.

Build a Midcentury Modular Desk Unit

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DIY Dreams

desk and tree shelf

Would you believe us if we told you this homework station wasn't store-bought? Really cater to your nature-loving child with this woods-inspired work desk. A trio of narrow built-in compartments holds a laptop flanked by two pull-out storage containers. Fill these with miscellaneous school supplies and top the desk with work time must-haves like pens, tape, and scissors. The matching shelf above is perfect for bulkier items you want on display, such as books and crafts supplies.

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Wall to Wall

table with casters home office

If you don't have the room capacity for a large, spacious desk, use the walls! A corner desk is perfect real estate for bulletin boards, calendars, dry-erase boards, and chalkboards. Figure out what will suit your kids best and frame it for the wall. Here, a calendar keeps important due dates in check while a creative bulletin board acts as a space for inspiration and art.

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Have a Seat

Homework station storage

Kids spend their whole day in uncomfortable plastic chairs; the last thing they want to do is come home to one. Switch up their at-home work space by replacing the traditional desk-and-chair combo for a bean bag or inflatable exercise ball to sit upon. Don't forget to swap out the desk for a surface more suitable to the seat's height, too. You'll be able to see a difference in your kid's motivation and creativity once you switch up their scenery.

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Clever Craft Space

Cubby Solution

A clever crafts table has cubbies for beads, paintbrushes, and other accessories. Make your own by building an inexpensive storage unit and placing it on a sturdy work desk. Drill nails in the base to make sure it doesn't shift or fall when nudged. The tall craft cupboard acts as a one-stop shop for art supplies, including glitter, markers, and paint, making it perfect for finishing up projects for art class.

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Label Love

Small Space Home Offices

The key to a clutter-free work station? Labels! Once you've worked with your child to get their desk in perfect condition, let them help you make labels for different school subjects, supplies, and books. Encourage them to return their school goods back to where they found them. This well-thought-out design even includes a magnetic strip labeled with the days of the week. Stick and move assignments around with magnetic clothespins as the weeks pass by.

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