Avoid a toy takeover! Corralling toy clutter can be quite overwhelming, but with clever DIY projects, organizing can be a cinch.
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In desperate need of organizing the plethora of toy cars scattered across the floor? A Lo and Behold Life used her woodworking skills to create a savvy storage solution by repurposing a store-bought wooden shoe rack -- attaching the shelves together to create an organizer for toy cars. Customizable to fit a growing collection, this car holder is functional and beautiful.

An Under-the-Bed Rolling Storage Box

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The open cavity under the bed is often an unused gathering spot for toys to collect. To control the clutter and utilize every nook of the room, storage under the bed can be the perfect solution for toy organization. Created specifically for the shallow area under the bed, these do-it-yourself roll-out wood storage boxes have rolling casters attached to the base to easily access and store toys as needed. What a great use of space that is often unused!

A Labeled Rolling Wire Basket

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Baskets and bins in varying shapes and sizes are perfect for storing and organizing toys. The Heathered Nest took a store-bought wire basket and added casters to the bottom to make putting away and storing toys even easier. To finish it, a chalkboard label was added to the front to specify which toys the basket will hold. This is such a simple and inexpensive 5-minute DIY organizational project.

A Shelf Turned Toy Organizer

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Repurposing or upcycling something old is the best way to save money and get organized. Converting the ever-so-popular colorful toy bin into a 4-tiered shelf is a smart solution for storing small toys. Keeping the frame as is, wood shelves were cut to fit the length of the existing bookcase. This upcycle idea is an easy and inexpensive way to organize kids' toys.


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