DIY Kids' Rooms Storage Projects

Keep your kids' rooms organized with our easy storage solutions.

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    Floating Cubes

    Mount square bins to your child's wall to make a DIY cube shelving unit. The space below the wall unit can house larger bins for toys. Create cute homes for stuffed animals by mounting house-shape shelves in a row.

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    Repurposed Table

    Refresh an old coffee table and use it as a crafts table in your kids' playroom. Vintage coffee tables often have built-in shelves that can store bins of craft supplies. Cozy kid-size chairs slide up to the edges for a crafting area.

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    Reading Material

    Organize books and magazines with framed canvases. Simply turn the canvases backward on the wall, mount them, and wrap large elastic bands around to hold items inside. This is a storage option for spaces too small for a full bookshelf.

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    Built-In Look

    Get the refined look and storage space of built-ins by combining units around a window. A toy chest with a cushion on top provides storage and a reading space, while matching bookcases on either side house smaller toys, games, and books. 

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    Accessory Division

    Search for fabric bins that come with dividers or make your own with cardboard to keep toys with small accessories organized. Use tall, narrow canisters to store like accessories and use larger sections for larger toys. Label containers so kids can easily stick to the system.

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    Cork Gallery

    Make a gallery wall of cork boards for fun art storage and display. This gives kids a space to show off their work and keeps finished projects off surfaces. Spray-paint bins the same shade and slide into a cube storage unit for a cohesive look.

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    Trundle Trick

    Make an easy under-bed storage cart for grab-and-go access. Craft a simple shallow box from wood—or use a spare drawer—and attach casters to the bottom for easy movement. Have fun painting the unit to match the space, and add a fun pull or knob to make it easy for kids to grab.

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    Double Duty

    Make a reading bench that does double duty as storage space. Add pillows and a bench cushion to the top for a comfy reading space, and store books in bins underneath for easy access and organization. Bonus: Hang clipboards on the wall for an art display that can be quickly updated.

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    Toy Locker

    Use old school lockers as storage units in your kid's bedroom. This makeshift dresser is great for shared bedrooms, since each child can have their own locker. Place a bookcase between lockers to complete the storage unit. Use this system for toy storage, clothes storage, or some of both!

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    Put Cubbyholes to Use

    Teach kids how to tidy up by putting storage on their level. Leave the cubbyholes open to store clothing and collectibles, or add baskets to store books and smaller items.

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    Hard at Work

    Give kids room to spread out by installing a worktable that runs along an entire wall. Have a carpenter cut lumber to fit the space, and use wall brackets to hang it. Make the surface more fun by having the carpenter add a curve, like the one shown, to the outside edge.

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    Hide Clutter with Doors

    Make bookshelf clutter disappear with decorative doors. This bookshelf mixes things up by covering half the cubbies with drawers while the others are left open to display favorite toys.

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    Grow-with-Me Storage

    Use an armoire to serve multiple functions as your child grows. It stores baby clothes in the nursery, becomes an art center during elementary school, and turns into a computer desk for high school. At each stage, the doors keep clutter nicely tucked away.

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    Climbing the Walls

    Walls provide lots of unused storage space. Turn display shelves into open storage by adding hooks or decorative knobs below the shelf. Add additional rows of hooks or knobs on boards below to make it look like a built-in unit.

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    Utility Rope

    Install two eye hooks on the wall and run a rope between them. Use clothespins to display art projects, cards, and other items.

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    Industrial-Strength Storage

    This heavy-duty workspace incorporates locker-style drawers for hiding away clutter. Plenty of small crates and containers store school supplies but keep them accessible. The wall space holds paper dividers and a white board for reminders.

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    Supplies That Mean Business

    Repurpose office storage pieces for kids' room supplies. Here, a tiered desktop caddy holds washcloths, lotions, soaps, and other nursery essentials. Cleaning-supply or soft-sided shower caddies give similar storage benefits.

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    Look Under the Bed

    Hiding clothes under the bed isn't always a bad thing. Drawers beneath this bed make it easy to access and organize your child's T-shirt collection. If you don't have a bed frame with drawers built in, build your own and put them on casters so they can roll in and out.

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    Store-More Headboard

    Cubbies incorporated into the design of this headboard make the most of wall space. The deep shelves make it easy to store big books and collectibles.

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    Use Kitchen Tools

    Spice up your kid's room with baking gear repurposed as storage. Here, rolling pins work as accessory hooks, baking pans create a magnet board, and muffin tins hold tiny trinkets.

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