An Underwater Playroom

Dangers lurk outside the "windows" of this submarine-themed space. Thankfully, all is cozy and well inside the playroom.

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    Ocean Fantasy

    You might think submerging a playroom in an ocean of painted sea creatures is a little overboard. But to a little boy or girl with a love for all things aquatic, a submarine room is the perfect underwater hideaway. This room makes use of awkward angles by creating a magnificent ocean mural throughout the room. The room's walls get down to a mere seven inches high, accentuating the illusion of being engulfed by the sea.

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    Practical Storage

    Large beanbags provide a comfy spot for reading or watching TV, and they can be easily moved to take advantage of ocean views or to play with the instruments at the control panel. Cork floor tiles were chosen for their softness and warmth. Built-ins, disguised as control panels, contain labeled bins for toys and games. In your own playroom, identify and label a place for everything, even the smallest toy, so the space is organized and easy to pick up no matter how young the children are.

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    Art Corner

    The drawing room and storage area for arts and crafts supplies let the kids map their next adventure or practice drawing their ocean friends. Though the pipes and rivets look three-dimensional, they're painted on the wall.

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    Smart Finds

    The homeowner scavenged this recycled-wood bookcase from a shop that was going out of business. The case fit snugly into a corner of the playroom without an inch to space, so painted portholes and schools of fish surround it.

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    Get the Look

    Playing around their sea anemone home, a family of clown fish flaunt their orange-and-white stripes at the bottom of this porthole window. If you are unable to freehand this ocean scene (or can't afford a muralist), don't underestimate the quality and wide selection of stencils available.

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