Themed Rooms for Kids

Have some fun decorating a child's room by using a theme. Take a look at these old and new favorites!

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    Four-Alarm Fun

    A little boy with a big firefighting obsession can sleep easy in this room starring a wooden fire truck bed. The designer used solid light blue paint and coordinating wallpaper with a subtle firefighter pattern on the walls, providing a soft counterpoint to the room's main color attraction: fire-engine red.

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    Puppy Love

    The decorating mission for this boy's room was clear: Make the room live larger than its size, keep it uncluttered, and give it a sophisticated look that can grow with a boy from infancy into grade school. What better place to start when creating a boy's favorite space than man's best friend? The family's Cavalier King Charles spaniel provided the inspiration for a few accent pieces and the classic, masculine color scheme of neutral khaki with bursts of red and black.

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    Going Froggie!

    Satisfy a desire for all things amphibian with this frog-inspired room. Cool blue stars in the "outdoor" space, painted frogs, reeds, and clouds create no-worries artwork throughout the room.

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    In the Jungle

    Cuddly jungle animals were the way to go for a quiet 3-year-old. A subtle plaid pattern painted on the lower half of the walls leads to a soft green "field" where a menagerie of painted animals roam beneath a canopy of leafy branches.

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    A Bug-Inspired Room for Kids

    An insect-pattern bedding fabric served as the inspiration for a colorful room. Easy-to-stencil embellishments on furnishings add whimsical touches in unexpected places. Winged creatures cut from fabric flutter atop windows dressed with white wood blinds.

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    Castle Beds and Murals

    Inspired by a Scottish castle, this bed and playhouse combination includes bunk beds, secret hiding places, and a book nook in the ladder-accessed turret. Fashioned from stone-look laminate, the castle has no back walls, so mattresses can be moved in and out easily.

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    Red Revisited

    A plain-color wall is a great backdrop for a child's room. Here, a stars-and-stripes theme predominates, yet it could have easily been black racing stripes or yellow stars. Allow for a child's creativity by providing blackboards, personalized pillows, and tackboards.

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    Beyond Baby Steps

    A little boy's love of water was the inspiration for a sea theme using blue and white. Stenciled sailboats and billowing clouds float dreamily over pale blue ocean walls. Small pops of red and whimsical touches of rickrack and fish bring a sense of fun to the space.

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    Fit for a Princess

    Sophisticated pink cabbage roses and tan checked fabrics are layered into the bedding while charming trompe l'oeil ceiling swags, sky niches, and crown canopy create an aura of princess-worthy grandeur.

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    All Fired Up for Kids

    This yellow-laminate fire truck houses not only a bed on the lower level but a carpeted play area up top and ample storage closets. Each element of the room displays a firefighting theme while also serving a practical purpose.

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    French Whimsy

    An artistic parent may want to tackle this playful project. Simple shapes are enlarged and traced onto the wall, outlined in black, and filled in with a palette of pastel tones. Once the words in French and English were added, the background was washed with pale lavender.

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    Nautically Inclined for Kids

    The move from a crib to a bed often signals a big change in the decor of a child's room. Here, neutral walls and flooring create a background that will last for years. Bright red shows up on the bed, dresser, and accessories, while blue bedding signals a nautical theme.

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