Room to Share: The McCaughey Kids' Rooms

These fresh kids' rooms will inspire you to create colorful one-of-a-kind looks for your own children.

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    The McCaughey Kids

    The McCaughey family made headlines across the globe when seven siblings joined big sis Mikayla.

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    Sister Act: 3 Beds

    The three septuplet girls (Natalie, Alexis, and Kelsey) share a large room with three small windows along one wall. Those windows inspired designer Jodi Mensing to place three lilac twin beds in a neat row. Each one was dressed with a mixture of florals, dots, and delicate stripes for cottage charm.

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    Sister Act: Table and Chairs

    A wicker play table and cozy bench seat are two of the girls' favorite spots to play and read.

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    Sister Act: Lilac Dresser

    The scallop edge of the dresser inspired scallops in the window treatments and a set of fabric panels that conceal the closet.

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    Mikayla's Room: Bed

    The concept of a soft, pretty canopy gets revved up in Mikayla's room. Bold aqua and magenta hues match Mikayla's outgoing personality.

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    Mikayla's Room: Vanity

    Mikayla's room has touches of Hollywood glamour in every corner, including this dressing table that doubles as a desk.

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    Mikayla's Room: Pink Chair

    Designer Jodi Mensing could simply not resist a pretty pink chair with a furry friend to add some cheerful girliness to Mikayla's space. The fuzzy pink phone is also a favorite!

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    Pirate Room: Bed with Sail

    Brothers Brandon and Joel now share a pirate-theme room, complete with shiplike beds with their own masts and storage drawers "below deck."

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    Pirate Room: Green Chests

    Lime green is a bright, seaworthy color partner for all the blues and reds that designer Jodi Mensing used in the boys' room.

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    Pirate Room: Green Dresser

    A pair of red foam chairs are good resting spots for weary sea travelers. And the ocean-wave pattern on the wall is a simple paint idea that anyone can handle. Simply freehand the waves with a foam brush or cut your own stencil.

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    Camp Room: Table and Sign

    In Nathan and Kenny's room, we went all out for a camping theme. Their beat-up closet doors got new life with black chalkboard paint and fun red letters spelling out "camp."

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    Camp Room: Bunks and Red Tent

    Chunky pine furniture adds to the camp theme. The color scheme pairs bold red with two tones of outdoorsy green.

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    Camp Room: Window Seat

    Checks and stripes mix and match easily in the boys' room. Here, a storage bench doubles as a window seat.

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