A Sporty Tween Room for Two

See how this room is the perfect space for sports-loving tweens.

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    Everything in Its Place

    This once messy room was transformed into a cozy place for two sports-loving sisters. They wanted their room to be simple and sophisticated and filled with stripes and dots in pink, green, and blue.

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    Tucked Away

    To save space in this room for two, drawers under the bed act as another dresser.

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    Picture-Perfect Bedding

    Colorful bedding gives the room a feminine vibe without appearing frilly.

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    A Touch of Sports

    A velour soccer ball beanbag provides a soft landing and a place to read after a busy day. Two wall shelves display trophies and feature hooks for jackets and bags. To dress up the wall, the phrase and outline of a soccer player was attached using wall stickers (www.wonderfulgraffiti.com).

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    Bright Spot

    Storage is key in a kids' room. It makes it easier on the kids and the parents if everything has a place of its own. A window seat bench with a shelf for locker bins helps organize and store toys with ease.

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    Reading Nook

    Tucked behind the bunk beds is a cozy space to cuddle up and read. A simple book rack hangs on the wall and a blue bin holds the rest of the book collection. Add a small light and floor pillows to make the nook a perfect place to cuddle up and read.

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    A Dose of Dots

    Oversize canisters with lids invite kids to toss in large items such as plush animals, balls, and shoes.

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    Behind Closed Doors

    An armoire is the perfect way to hide out-of-sight storage. Add a jolt of color to the room by choosing a bold shade like this green apple unit.

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    The Perfect Mix

    Inside the armoire are baskets for clothing and colorful bins for books and toys. Mix containers to make it easy to identify items.

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    Study Station

    A locker-style desk tames school supplies, while the combination chalkboard/bulletin board above it displays artwork and reminders of practice times and homework assignments. Labels on the drawers help ensure items get returned to their proper places.

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    Metal drawers store notes or papers with magnets, keeping the desk surface clean.

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    Quiet Zone

    A quiet foyer just outside the bedroom provides a separate place to tackle homework or chat with friends.

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    Built-in frames on a corkboard above the desk make it easy to display favorite family photos. Special invitations, artwork, and mementos have a place, too.

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