Wipe away those nothing-to-do blues. Display boards and drawing areas give kids' rooms big style while encouraging little ones to be creative.

dc_felt boards

Cheery felt-covered boards hung at toddler-height sport oversized letters, numbers, and shapes.

The fun felt cutouts beg little ones to put together a word or two. There's nothing magical here. Friction holds the shapes to the board, just like it did in kindergarten class.

What You Need:

dc_felt boards
  • Three 24 x 36-inch pieces of Homasote board (available at home centers) or foam-core board (available at art supply and craft stores)
  • Three 30 x 42-inch pieces of felt in different colors
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Wall anchors
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Buttons and bows
  • See more below.


1. Center a board on a piece of felt. Wrap the felt to the back and staple at the center of each side. Make sure the felt is even and tight. Continue stapling, working to within 6 inches of the corners.

dc_cut felt

2. To miter the corners, fold the felt corner point in toward the board. Staple it in place along the edges of the board, then trim away the point.

3. Fold down the "ears" that remain and staple them in place to finish the miter.

dc_felt board close-up

4. Fasten the boards to the wall with wall anchors. Hot-glue buttons and bows to the corners of each felt board to disguise the anchors.

5. Cut letters, numbers, and shapes from contrasting felt using stencils or computer-generated figures for patterns.

Skill Level: Beginner Time: An afternoon Cost: About $40 and up, depending on size


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