Paint Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Update a kid's room with paint. Use an array of paints, techniques, and motifs to create a playfully furnished bedroom that suits your kid perfectly.

Pink room with garden painted walls and sky on ceiling

When using paint to decorate your child's room, think in broad strokes: saturated colors, epic images, vivacious finishes, and dynamic patterns best reflect a kid's joyful perspective and no-holds-barred attitude. Before painting, get your child involved. Ask kids what colors and themes they'd like and where they think the colors and images should be placed. If they're old enough, hand them a brush and invite them to join the fun. Unsure of their painting ability? Direct their efforts to a dresser's backside or a bookcase interior. Even if you prefer bedroom designs that take kids from toddlerhood through their teens, try to paint in the moment. Paint is a low-cost update and easily changed.

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How to Paint a Room

Pick the Right Paint


With an array of paints awaiting inventive decorators, a customized and fun look can be created with just a trip down the paint aisle. Semigloss finishes are durable, easy-clean starting points for walls, but add in crayon-colored, chalkboard, glow-in-the-dark, magnetic, glitter, and faux-confetti paints, and you'll find that creating kid-pleasing perimeters is truly child's play.

Apply chalkboard or magnetic paint above a desk or at chair-rail height as a place for kids to post notes and display artwork. Splash a star-studded Milky Way across a ceiling using glow-in-the-dark paints. Set walls aglow with a top coat of glitter-infused paint, or add partylike dimension by applying a confetti-studded clear finish (appropriately sold under the Disney brand name). If you and your child prefer quieter environs, paint all the walls in a favorite hue, or take it up a notch by painting just one wall in a vibrant hue. Or paint upper and lower walls in different colors, highlighting the sections with contrasting colored trim.

Kids bedroom

Painted finishes turn ho-hum furniture pieces into works of art. Before you revive tired furniture with paint, apply a coat of primer (or use a paint/primer product) to ensure the new finish endures. Opt for high-gloss paints to create polished patinas that stand up to rowdy kids; or employ distressed treatments to fashion weathered patinas that look better as more dents and dings are added. Starting with unfinished bedroom furnishings? Consider using colorful water-base wood stains to give these new pieces a distinctive look. Amplify importance by painting and staining frames, legs, shelves, and drawer fronts in different paint colors. Use chalkboard paint to turn a dresser or desk frame into a doodling surface; brush a noteworthy band of chalkboard paint around a lampshade or lamp base so you can chalk a "sleep tight" wish onto a bedside light.

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Pile on Painted Patterns

blue and white striped boy bedroom

Animate kids' rooms by incorporating patterns on walls, furnishings, and accessories. Paint walls with stripes rendered in easy-on-the-eye color combinations to give kids' bedrooms staying power. Make a storybook statement by painting a wall-size mural. Or simply stencil jungle critters, rocket ships, and twinkling tiaras on walls, headboards, and dresser fronts. Use paint and stamps to add mini motifs to furniture, lampshades, hardware, and curtain panels. Color outside the lines: Invite kids to leave painted handprints in conspicuous places and paint their signature (in cursive or block letters) on furnishings and walls. Kids will love their paint-personalized surroundings and happily settle in for years of sweet dreams.


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