A Timeless Girls' Room for Two

Smart design and savvy storage make this tiny room in a New York City loft suitable for two kiddos.

Make a Statement

A bunk bed is one of the oldest space savers but remains one of the best. Not only are they the perfect solution for maximizing space, they also double as a fort or jungle gym. This modular bunk system, featuring a youth bed beneath a loft bed, offers the perfect solution for a narrow space. Its large drawer can be used as a storage box or trundle bed.

Cubby Unit

The cubby wall has 12 storage cubes, two cabinets, and a pullout desk. There's enough storage in the room to assign dedicated space to each girl. The mustard-yellow ottomans store toys inside, and the tops reverse to shift between seating and play tables.

Stacked Storage

Storage possibilities are everywhere. Virtually every piece of furniture in this room includes storage -- and lots of it. This modular cubby system gives the girls tons of easily accessible storage space and also blends flawlessly with the room's decor.

Chalk It Up

The cubbies not only function as storage space but as art space as well. Chalkboard paint was added to the exposed ends for the little ones to express their creative side.

Smart Spaces

Make certain every piece of furniture warrants the space it occupies. Filling a small room with a few large items makes a big statement. The bunk system solved several problems for this room. It provided space for a built-in closet beneath the upper bed as well as room for a table and chairs. It also hides a storage trundle and niche at the foot of the lower bed.

The Light Solution

In a shared room, spaces need to be multifunctional, and top bunks can pose a major dilemma with lighting. Consider installing a reading sconce into the wall. To brighten up the whole room, pendant lights are also functional. They can visually lower a high ceiling while adding extra flair to the room's decor.

Secret Storage

Effective storage solutions prevent some of the frustration of an overcrowded and disorganized shared room. A closet, tucked below the loft bed, easily holds the sisters' clothes. The bed configuration also leaves room for a play table, stools, and a bulletin board to display artwork.

Standing Tall

This sturdy, bright bookcase contains 18 linear feet of shelving, a bonanza of utility in an urban apartment. Colorful bins and boxes add to the vivid color in the girls' room. To keep the room feeling open and airy, white furniture opens the space visually and allows the decor to evolve along with the maturing kids.

Expressive Details

A dresser top never fails as ideal display space. Wood carved letters spell out the girls' names and individualize each girl's space.

Faux Fresh

Felt flowers echo the color scheme determined by the bedding. These faux beauties are a great craft for your kids to do and they'll feel proud they contributed to the room.

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