18 Cute Playroom Ideas to Create a Tidy Space for Having Fun

playful playroom pink sofa bright colors animal heads blocks table
Photo: Edmund Barr

Design a space where kids can have fun and be creative with these tips for decorating a playroom. Whether you have a basement, attic, or corner of a room, these playroom ideas deliver storage solutions, furniture arrangements, and color schemes both parents and children will love.

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Playroom with Accent Wall

built ins storage and wall with map
John Granen

For a global-inspired space, utilize temporary wallpaper to showcase a map of the world. Round poufs are the perfect children's playroom furniture since they're both fun to sit on and can be easily moved. Matching round rugs bring the design full circle.

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Playroom Window Seat

angled ceiling play room
Adam Albright

Homeowners took advantage of an angled ceiling in this kids' playroom to create a specialized shelving unit for little ones. Keepsakes and fragile mementos look over the play area from top shelves, and easy-to-reach baskets house a variety of playthings below. A window seat outfitted with a plush cushion, a cordless Roman shade, and wall sconces creates the perfect reading nook.

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Playroom Color Schemes

playful playroom pink sofa bright colors animal heads blocks table
Edmund Barr

For a playroom color scheme that grows with your child, start with a neutral base. Peel-and-stick wallpaper with a gray brick design adds subtle texture to this space. Bright animal busts, a coral loveseat, and a mint-green area rug pop against the muted backdrop. As your kids' interests change, simply swap out accessories, like throw pillows and wall art, for an updated look and color palette.

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Playroom Storage Ideas

kids playroom with colorful geometric accent wall
Kim Cornelison

Incorporate a mix of open and closed storage to help reduce playroom clutter. A built-in bookshelf with base cabinetry and drawers conceals bulky toys and art supplies, while open shelves above provide a place for stuffed animals and children's books. A countertop extends from the built-ins to provide a surface for drawing or playtime.

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Chalkboard Playroom Walls

play room with couch
David Patterson

A chalkboard surround gives kids creative freedom in this black-and-white playroom. Repetition of lines throughout the room provides a bit of controlled chaos. A mix of textures elevates the look, while toy-lined shelves and pops of yellow look playful.

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Secondhand Playroom Furniture

eclectic kids room with table and chairs
Kim Cornelison

Mismatched furniture collected over time and fun artistic choices make this playroom design great for using your imagination. The small table is the perfect size for arts and crafts, and white walls help creativity run wild. A plush pink playroom rug defines the space with flashes of gold.

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Shared Living Space

living room play room with built ins
John Granen

As long as there's storage, a playroom can be anywhere—even within the main living space. The organization in this open-concept living room and playroom prevents clutter from piling up. Open shelves double for movies and children's books, while cabinets contain electronics, arts, and crafts. A tulip table complements the room's contemporary style while providing a surface for meals or craft time.

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Playroom for Kids of All Ages

book shelves in playroom workspace
Werner Straube

This neutral space for children of every age features fun spots of color and style. Playroom storage is found in the built-in cabinet and floor-to-ceiling facing bookshelves. An old dining table finds a new home for crafting and schoolwork while a sofa provides a spot for reading and relaxing.

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Bright Playroom Colors

orange and purple play room
Laura Moss

Looking for a playroom idea that leans toward growing older? When your little ones move beyond make-believe, update the space with personalized finishes, including vintage furniture, favorite colors, and "grown-up" toys such as instruments and books. Roll out a patterned rug to finish the look.

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Attic Playroom Ideas

loft playroom with sectional
David A Land

Pipes, low windows, exposed support beams, and angled ceilings make attic spaces difficult to design. This kids' playroom idea works with the existing awkward shape, utilizing a built-in bench for storage and seating. Low-profile furniture ensures children don't need to worry about stooping low enough to avoid slanted walls.

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Kid's Music Room

basement kids playroom

Give budding musicians a place to practice with a dedicated music room. A drum set and miniature grand piano outfit fill this playroom that features pops of primary colors. Framed comic book covers and a custom marquee sign add color to the walls.

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Showcase Kids' Artwork

crafting craft room colorful paint artwork
David Tsay

Looking for a way to display your child's creations? Consider wood pants hangers. This unconventional solution allows you to easily hang and swap out artwork as your tiny Picasso creates new masterpieces. Baskets below a bench create easy access to favorite toys and games, plus make it easy to put things away once playtime is over.

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Pink Playroom Ideas

girl bedroom
David Tsay

Pink, brown, and white give this playroom a glamorous look. The soft fabric of the window treatments, rug, and plush pillow seating soften a wall of windows. Rolling storage below a work surface makes playtime cleanup care-free.

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Blue Playroom Ideas

Blue striped wall with letter sign tv room
Alise O'Brien

Blue and red combine to create a classic primary color scheme that's perfect for playrooms. Ground the look with neutrals, like crisp white, gray, and black. A secondhand TV console, which hides gaming systems, movies, and board games, gets a matching upgrade with a little blue paint and fresh hardware.

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Playroom Wall Art

playroom with chalkboard and banner
John Granen

Mounting a large, framed chalkboard on the wall can turn your playroom into a mini art studio. Be sure to save space for creating and a place to display finished works. This playroom wall decor consists of framed prints and artwork, a striped paint technique, and a DIY paper garland.

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Easy Playroom Nook

play room lined built ins
Brie Williams

You only need a sliver of blank wall space to create a playroom. Simply bring in a small bookshelf (make sure it's safely fastened to the wall) and a work surface, and outfit them with your child's favorite toys. A surprising mix of bold colors and patterns inspires children to play and imagine in this small playroom. The navy clovers on an accent wall echo the rug's wide navy stripes. Fun pops of orange add interest and create a complementary color scheme.

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Guest Bedroom Play Area

bunk bed built ins with kids
Greg Scheidemann

Transform a guest bedroom into a playroom when not in use. In this guest bedroom, there's plenty of space for sleep and play, and multiple beds are perfect for slumber parties. The playroom flooring is faux wood laminate, which is easy to clean and holds up to paint, crayon, and food stains.

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Art Supplies Storage

playroom with corner seating and storage
Jay Wilde

If you have creative kids, then organizing art supplies is a must. Clearly marked bins go a long way in keeping children's toys and crafts in order. Rather than using printed labels to define each basket, have your children draw or paint a picture to attach to the front of each bin.

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