Fun Playroom Ideas Kids Will Love

Playrooms are meant to be fun, and these kids playroom ideas deliver loads of it. Get inspired with these kids playroom ideas—playroom storage and decor have never looked better.

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    Around the World

    In a global-inspired space, use playroom furniture and rugs that mimic the shape of the globe. Round poufs are the perfect children's playroom furniture, since they are so fun to sit on and can be easily moved. Matching round rugs bring the design full circle.

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    Line Work

    A chalkboard surround gives kids creative freedom in this black-and-white playroom. Repetition of lines throughout the room provides a bit of controlled chaos. A mix of textures allows the space to feel classy, while toy-lined shelves and pops of yellow look playful. 

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    Pitched Perfect

    The homeowners took advantage of an angled ceiling to create a specialized shelving unit for little ones. Precious toys and fragile mementos look over the play area, and easy-to-reach baskets house a variety of playthings on lower shelves. A set of high windows above a window seat provide plenty of natural light to the playroom decor.

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    Simple Geometry

    Basic, mismatched furniture and fun artistic choices make this playroom design great for using your imagination. The small table is the perfect size for arts and crafts, and white walls help creativity run wild. A plush pink playroom rug defines the space with flashes of gold.

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    Find the Right Rug Size for Your Room

    Not sure how big or small to go? Watch here to find the right size of rug for your space.

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    Shared Space

    As long as there's storage, the playroom can be anywhere—even shared with the family space! The organization in this living room and playroom space is top-notch. Open shelves double for movies and children's books, while cabinets contain electronics, arts, and crafts.

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    Chalk It Up to Good Taste

    Mounting a large, framed chalkboard on the wall can turn your playroom into Picasso's studio. Be sure to save space for creating, and a place to display finished works. This playroom wall decor consists of framed prints and artwork, a killer paint job, and a DIY paper garland.

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    Pink Playspace

    Pink, brown, and white give this spot a glamorous look. The soft fabrics and open spaces make this space ideal for a young child or baby playroom. Bonus: There's lots of storage and floor space to keep things tidy.

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    Seriously Fun

    A surprising mix of bold colors and patterns inspire children to play and imagine. The lines of navy clover shapes on this playroom's walls echo the rug's wide navy stripes. Fun pops of orange add interest and break up the chance for monotony.

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    The Color Wheel

    Choosing color is never easy. Learn all the tips and tricks for finding the best palette for your space.

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    A Crafty Family

    If you have creative kids, then organizing art supplies is a must. Clearly marked bins go a long way in keeping children's toys and crafts in order. Rather than using printed labels to define each basket, have your children draw or paint a picture to attach to the front of each bin.

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    Back-to-School Playroom

    Here is a space for all ages! This generally neutral space is bursting with fun spots of color and style. Playroom storage is found in the built-in cabinet as well as the outward facing bookshelves. An old dining table found a new home for crafting and schoolwork while the pretty playroom curtains pull the whole room together.

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    Toy Storage and More

    No clutter here! Check out these sweet storage tricks to keep your kids' stuff in order.

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    Fit Around the Space

    Pipes, low windows, exposed support beams, and angled ceilings make attic spaces difficult to incorporate in your home's finished plan. This kids' playroom idea works with the existing awkward shape. Plus, children don't need to worry as much about stooping low enough to avoid the slant.

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    Bountiful Beds

    Is it a bedroom or a playroom? Why not both? There's plenty of space in this playroom for sleep and play, and multiple beds are perfect for slumber parties. The playroom flooring is a faux wood laminate; going this route means easy sweeping instead of lugging the vacuum around the house.

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    Attic Play

    Turn a dark attic into a playroom by coating the walls with bright colors, adding a large rug, and installing exciting equipment, such as a fire pole and swing. Angled walls draw the eye around the room, while dark wood pops. 

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    Growing Up

    Looking for a playroom idea that leans toward growing older? When your little ones move beyond make-believe, update the space with fun finishes including vintage furniture, bohemian colors, and "grown-up" toys such as instruments and books. A sliding ladder over a bookshelf eases the transition with its fairy tale qualities.

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