Fire Station Playroom

A Better Homes and Gardens reader built this playhouse in a closet and outfitted it with all the bells and whistles of a real fire station.

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    Imagination Station

    BHG reader Corey Decker turned space beside the stairs into a fire station for her young sons. In a 4x8-foot panel that looks like brick, Corey framed cutouts for the door and windows, then painted a sign and concrete-look accents. She added an old alarm from a school and a pair of non-working lights. 

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    Up and Down

    A ladder made from $7 worth of 2x4 boards, and a 1-inch conduit leads to the upper level of the fire station. The fire pole is a 2-inch conduit securely mounted to the floor and a 2x4 overhead.

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    Top Floor

    A wooden platform provides this fire station more play space and gives future firefighters a chance to practice climbing a ladder and sliding down a pole.

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    Street Scene

    The fire truck dashboard brings together assorted parts: a steering wheel (the kind used on playgrounds), an old CB radio, and a rearview mirror mounted to the ceiling. Corey painted a streetscape mural -- complete with smoke in the distance -- to provide a view through the "window shield."

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    Handy Lockers

    To stow firefighter gear, Corey built a shelving unit from scrap wood and spray-painted inexpensive baskets fire-engine red. Two boards with hooks hold turnout gear.

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    Play Spray

    No pressure, just fun! This "fire hose" includes a hefty nozzle and hangs below a red-handled, wall-mount spigot. 

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