Learn the seven things you need to know before designing your child's room.

baby bedroom

A child's bedroom has many roles beyond a place to sleep: secret hideout, performance stage, book nook, changing room, study hall, and more. To create a special space that really speaks to your child, you'll want to consider the child's age and interests as well as the ways the room will be used. Some bedrooms must double as a playroom. Others are reserved exclusively for quiet activities. Understanding how the room will function is key. Once you've considered the needs of your child, follow these steps to decorate a room your child will love.

Playing With Color

pink and green bedroom with built-in shelving

Color sets the mood for the room. If you want to spark creative thinking and play, consider a vivid scheme like bright yellow, orange, or blue. Here, punches of palm green help this pink space walk the line between too girlie and too grown-up. Wallpaper in a bold color or pattern will also enliven a room. Whatever colors you style-savvy kid chooses, stick with neutral and metallic accents to connect the hues.

If you want a bedroom for sleep or quiet activities, choose a subdued palette. Consider grays, warm neutrals, or dark colors that wrap the room in warmth.

Shelving Supreme


Perhaps one of the most useful items in a child's room is a bookshelf. It holds books, yes. But it can do more: Add a few bins or baskets to hold toys, lean art on a shelf, and display mementos. A great bookshelf or wall shelves organize and display lots of little things. It is the workhorse of any kid's room.

Fun for All

children's play room

Rooms are a reflection of the person who lives there, so remember to loosen the design reins from time to time and have some fun. Include those items that are sentimental, collected, or unique to give the space personal flair.

Storage Solutions

bunk beds

Kids have stuff, so you'll want to plan for that. Hang a multipocket shoe organizer on the inside of the closet door to organize little things, such as socks, toys, shoes, headbands, stuffed animals, you name it. Installing hooks on the wall gets clutter off the floor. Use every opportunity to sneak in storage: beds with storage drawers, pullout bins, even a hinged stool can hold items.

Here, plenty of easy-to-access storage, simple wall-hung nightstands, and even beds that can be closed off make this the ideal spot for a budding minimalist. A wood crate at the end of the beds neatly corrals sports equipment for your active kids.

Funky Furniture

eclectic kids room with table and chairs

The number of children in the room and the size of the bedroom are just two of the factors that affect the furniture selection process. If you're thinking of a loft bed or bunk beds, consider how long your child will sleep, or even fit, into the furniture. An upholstered chair is a good place to cuddle or read together. Older kids need a desk. In addition to the basics, add a bedside table and great lamp to encourage reading. We also love rooms that fit a desktop large enough for kids to spread out hand-drawn treasure maps, puzzles, or board games. A storage unit with pull-out cubbies keeps supplies handy.

Get Comfy


Once you have a design direction, plan for comfort. A plush area rug or wall-to-wall carpet turns the floor into a big play mat. You can layer an area rug over existing wall-to-wall carpet for extra comfort under foot. Install shades or drapes to add privacy and warmth and to dampen sound. Layers of blankets, a decorative quilt, and pillows add cuddle-down softness.

Budding Picasso

Boys Bedroom

Whether you're displaying professional framed work, a collection of artist's prints you picked up on Etsy, or a few of those purple crayon masterpieces from your own budding Picasso, art is a great way to express personality and to punctuate your design vision.

Work with your kids to make a three-piece art installation that matches the theme of their room. Or, hang a gallery wall on a budget with clear acrylic frames from the crafts store. A grid of clipboards on the wall lets you change out art in a snap.

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