Now showing! One room that morphs from nursery to schoolgirl pad to tween scene.

Sound too good to be true? Not at all! Knowing that a child's bedroom scheme can seem like a limited-run film, Kids' Rooms Etc. set out to produce the ultimate sleeping space. It's a room that gains staying power by incorporating basic building blocks that easily adapt to various stages.

Check out the transformation from sweet to sassy to sophisticated. Though it's not as simple as waving a wand and saying "presto change-o," creating a look that lasts is possible when scripted with forward-thinking fabrics, furnishings, and accessories.

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Baby, oh baby! Nurseries sure have come a long way from pastels and gauzy fabrics. In Take One of the room design, we embraced the bolder side of a classic pink-and-yellow palette. The furnishings are adaptable pieces that play multiple roles.

The crib, for example, turns into a daybed and later a chair. From a function standpoint, the rooms plays to its audience. In this phase, it's parents. Baskets, bins, and open shelves keep diapers and other items easily accessible. And the crib gets a starring role in the center of the room.


Placed side by side, bookcases with large bases become storage central. Blankets are at the ready on open shelves. Doors conceal the diaper supply.

Sweet Details

Ribbons tied around curtain rings soften the drapery panels. They also help sweeten the room without locking in a specific look.

Versatile Frames

Artwork in plain white frames stands out against the pretty yellow wall color.

Double Duty

A wide band of pink paint echoes the window treatments' two-tone design. It also adds a bit of fun and visual interest. Set on locking casters, the changing table can easily move to a new location. And this table isn't merely a one-shot wonder: It transforms into a desk. Rings form floral art pieces. Stay tuned: This adaptable idea blossoms into a profusion of color as the design grows out of its baby-soft stage.

Girls just wanna have fun, and this gleeful room shows that in spades -- make that circles and stripes. In Take Two, smart pattern steals the show. The nursery's subtle circular and floral motifs give way to bold dots and punchy stripes.

This room strikes gold -- and pink, lime, turquoise, and orange -- with the multicolor striped fabric she used for the Roman shades. It's the glue that unites the three phases and allows a shift in the palette. Function also shifts in this phase -- from parent to child. Furniture is situated against the walls to allow kids room to groove in the center. But it's not all fun and games: The crib-turned-desk is a reminder that it's showtime for school.

Curtain Call

It's bye-bye to bows and gingham finials and hello to a tailored shade and glass finials. The striped fabric allows a rainbow of color possibilities.


Peel-and-stick circles and the rings (now freshly painted in vibrant hues) energize the walls, yet can be easily removed. Upper walls have gone green.

Snuggled In

The crib morphs into a daybed with a rolling drawer underneath that's easy for a young girl to access. The clever canopy is a ribbon shower curtain.

Safe Deposit

To create more elbowroom, one of the shelf units temporarily goes into storage. The bookcase is the landing spot for the girl's favorite things. Lime bins mesh with the nursery's pink ones to handle growing storage needs. The pillow puts leftover fabric from the shades to good use.

The tweens of America have spoken: It's two thumbs up for orange! The juicy color rules in Take Three. But bold as orange is, the room has a sense of calm. The mellowing started with a general depatterning. Two-tone walls turned one happy hue, and a solid-color rug stepped in. The teal shag has attitude and fills another tween desire: a soft hangout on the floor.

A new floral fabric takes over the lead role on windows and the bed. Don't worry if the old cast isn't always a match -- coordination, rather than complete synchrony, is the key.

Chat Room

The desk enters the computer age (and an era of all kinds of gadgets). With the side shelves removed, the desktop rises to allow more legroom. Circles that once led the design square off with grids. The message board and display cubes take their cue from the cork-covered wall.

Taking Shape

Painted cork squares turn the wall (and the one opposite) into a bulletin board. The rings that once circled the room get prime billing above the bed.

Hiding Spot

The shelf unit with doors returns, concealing any holdovers from the tween's girlish past in a deep armoire. Hip metal storage buckets emerge. Peel-and-stick dots dress up the door.

Petal Pusher

The striped shades find a new pal. The mod orange fabric brings the room full circle: The floral crib bedding had a few bursts of orange.

Kids' Rooms Etc. shares simple strategies on how to invest in style.


Splurge! Rugs have amazing transforming power. In this room, rugs -- soft chenille, graphic circles, and solid-color shag -- set the mood in each phase.


Save! We flipped the nursery's discount-store bug prints and put the peel-and-stick dots on the back to make new art. Posters rule tween time.


Save! You have to get creative to control window treatment and hardware costs. We stretched our dollars by reusing the pricier elements, such as custom Roman shades.


Save! A little paint and fun embellishments work wonders without permanency. We used paintable rings in all three rooms, and added peel-and-stick dots in the girl's room.


Save! Though it's great to make a statement with lights, find creative ways to do it. The tween-room lights are actually inexpensive kitchen pendants.



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