A Glamorous Tween Room

A pink room sparkles with Hollywood glam, designed with the rising diva in mind.

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    Center Stage

    Positioned so it is visible from the door, this beaded bed canopy bed makes a dramatic first impression. A chandelier with glass beads and star-shape lanterns add more Hollywood-inspired style.

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    Take One!

    Big screen-inspired accessories, like this clap board and Hollywood sign, show how thoughtful details make a big impact. And any starlet would love a bouquet of pink roses.

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    Take a Bow

    A dream stage, complete with a karaoke machine and guitar launched this bedroom's star-studded theme. Between acts and costume changes, the curtains can be pulled shut by a string. A feather boa on the valance and sparkly fabric on the curtains add a final flourish.

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    Costume Change

    To take the stage from fun to functional, a drawer was built in underneath. It's a handy storage spot for sparkly dance outfits, costumes and props.

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    Star-studded accessories, including an Oscar statue and old-fashioned camera, double as props for pretend walks down the red carpet. The armoire's mirrored oval detailing adds glitz and additional place for primping.

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    Diva Chair

    Every diva needs a spot to relax. A pint-size recliner offers a spot to relax and chat with friends on a feather festooned phone. A pink curtain covers the nightstand's oval cutout so the contents don't have to be in perfect order. Fun yellow star rugs are a soft spot to sit and giggle with friends.

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    Curtain Call

    Pink tulle and a colorful mix of ribbons suspended from a curtain rod create a fashion-forward closet door. The curtain hides the closet's contents, but is much more stylin' than typical wood closet doors.

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    Calling the Shots

    This pink director's chair tells who the boss in this room is. The two-toned purple walls are bright and fun for a young girl. But the purple hues are versatile- the classic, feminine tones can grow as she does. It may seem like a good idea to hang wallpaper or stencil a motif that plays up a child's latest craze. To save time and money, it is often best to keep the wall simple to avoid a premature do-over.

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    Present and Future

    Kids grow up and change at a quick pace. A theme room that is perfect for now might seem childish in three or four years. But making a room go the distance is simple. First, think about investing in pieces that transcend age and style. The classic white furniture in this room suits the tastes of a girl and young woman.

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    Primping Station

    Turned bun feet and oval detailing give this dressing table classic good looks that will carry from childhood to adulthood. The vanity also can do double duty as a desk for homework. Paper lanterns clipped onto a string of lights frame the mirror to mimic a star's makeup lights.


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