A Pretty Cottage-Style Girls Room

This pretty pastel room with room for three is perfect for a girly-girl.

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    Room for Three

    Taking advantage of this large room, three twin beds flank a wall of windows in this uber feminine room. Soft yellow walls paired with lavender furniture set the tone for the cottage style.

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    Play Space

    Taking advantage of the rest of the space, this wicker table is the perfect place for tea parties. The pillow-filled bench under the window provides a comfy reading spot. Soft green panels add an extra touch of whimsy to the reading corner.

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    Girly Dresser

    The scallop edge of the dresser inspired the style of the window treatments and the fabric panels that conceal the closet.

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    Show Off

    This shelf with pegs offer a place to display special items including paper dolls a tea set and small artwork canvases on the wall.

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    Classic Touches

    Trips to antiques stores yielded great finds for the cottage chic style of this room. This kitten planter was the perfect accessory for this space. A vintage floral handkerchief finds a new use as a doily.

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    Charming Touches

    New white wainscoting lends a little cottage charm and provides a clean backdrop for the lavender furniture. The deep trim creates a display ledge for accessories such as this painting of a fairy. The scallop detailing on the wood furniture is echoed on the pink coverlet and the liners for the wicker baskets.

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    Special Touches

    This little chandelier sets creates a whimsical mood in this room for three.


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