Bright and Bold Girl's Room

Fill your daughter's room with larger-than-life colors and style! All it takes is some paint and these creative ideas.

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    Colorful Setting

    To set the mood for this room, a bold rug inspired the painted blocks and the room's color choices. Starting with one major item, such as a rug or a fabric, is a foolproof way to design a room. Just pull out a theme or colors from the piece and decide where they can make the most impact. Here, the major punches are on the walls and the floor.

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    Colorful Setting

    Though simple, the furniture has plenty of character. Most of it is painted a glossy white so it visually pops from the walls, but a resurrected vintage dresser brings personality with its hot pink on pink stripes. To inexpensively add even more pizzazz, or to personalize an existing dresser in a snap, switch out the drawer knobs with fun ones, such as the playful white ball and daisy knobs in this room.

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    Get Pretty

    A child-size dressing table is one of many repainted vintage finds that have come together to create a striking room. With such large, graphic blocks on the wall, artwork is kept to a minimum, letting the contrast of the circular mirror and rectangular shapes stand out.

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    Colorful Setting

    Clever space-savers turn a standard closet into a mini dressing room and provide extra space for a collection of teddy bears and books. Try it yourself by mounting a shelf with hooks for hats, coats, and collectibles; hanging a shoe organizer over the door to free up floor space; putting a small bookshelf in place; and purchasing a miniature clothing rack to set out the next day's outfits.

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    Play Area

    Simple window treatments don't detract from the decorating painting and will be easy to switch out for another accent color as the girl grows. A wall-mounted book rack keeps favorite bedtime stories at her fingertips. And look up above: a tea party on a picnic table hangs from the ceiling!

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    Ceiling Decor

    An enticing tea party fit for a little princess waits for weightless guests. China pieces collected through the years provided fodder for this whimsical tea party.

    Get the Look: If you want to try this in your home, be sure safety is at the top of the list. Here, all the floating items were secured to a board with industrial-strength glue, and then bolted the board through the ceiling to the attic with eye screws.


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