Little Girl, Big Pink Style

A dreamy bedroom haven for a little girl who adores all things pink.

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    Mission Girly-Girl

    The assignment: Create a sweet room for a 4-year-old girl that can flower into a space she'll enjoy for years.

    The hitch: This little lady wants pink -- pink everything.

    The solution: Keep all that pink in balance by creating strong contrasts.

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    Forever Fabrics

    Bold window panels boast a flower pattern that includes lots of bright pink. The custom coverlet's red embroidery has a refined look that can stay with the room's pre-kindergarten resident until she reaches college age. Added bedding accessories with age-neutral stripes and burst patterns could see this space transformed into a teen or guest room in the future.

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    Whimsy Headboard

    A queen-size bed with a custom-designed headboard fills the large area between a closet and dresser on one wall and built-in bookcases and window seats across the room.

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    Must-Have Vanity

    Every pink-loving princess needs a vanity large enough to transition from dress-up spot to makeup area. Elsewhere in the room, cupboards with hand-painted knobs give easy access to playthings stowed out of sight, and open shelves display fragile items beyond the grasp of curious hands. Chenille window-seat cushions that match the headboard brighten and soften the window nooks, while striped pillows create an informal backrest. With its bold colors and patterns mixed with soft hues and simple stripes, this room should keep its young resident happy for years to come in a room full of pink.

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    Dream Bath

    Attached to this sophisticated bedroom is a bath full of pops of color.

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    Creative Shower Curtain

    To add to the whimsy of this room, the shower curtain is a stream of colorful ribbons. To make one for your own bathroom, simply sew long strips of ribbon to a plain shower curtain.

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