Kid's Bedrooms: Boy's Bedrooms

A boy's rough-and-tumble world calls for durable bedroom furnishings and a get-tough attitude toward organization. Check out our trendy decorating ideas and savvy design advice as you venture to decorate his bedroom.

Setting a color scheme

If you think the only colors your son likes are those of his favorite sports team, you might be surprised. Don't be afraid to ask him what colors he wants in his bedroom and use this as a place to start decorating together.

-- Primary colors can always win big in a boy's bedroom. Bright colors such as blues, greens, and reds are full of energy, just like boys. And lots of different themes and interests will coordinate with this color scheme.

-- Choose one mainstream color to paint the walls or dress the bed and windows, then add a trendy hue in accents that can be changed out later. Blue, for instance, is a classic color with staying power for a boy's room. Adding orange with bedding accents or storage bins makes the blue feel hip and current. But when orange is out, and black is in, the blue background remains tried and true.

-- For a steady and safe backdrop that can be dressed many different ways, paint your boy's bedroom walls khaki or sage green. These neutrals still bring color into the room, while allowing the furnishings and accessories to add the visual interest.

Finding furnishings for him

To keep up with active boys, choose durable furniture surfaces that keep nicks and scratches to a minimum. Likewise, use washable fabrics and scrubbable paints. And choose furnishings that are fun and functional.

-- A bunk bed is a time-honored space saver. For young boys, it doubles as a fort. For older ones, it maximizes space so there's more room for a study desk or computer stand. With today's style options, bunk beds add great looks to the equation.

-- Think outside the box when it comes to furnishing a boy's bedroom. Chances are, he doesn't care much about fancy furniture or designer pieces. Instead of buying a bed frame at all, for instance, make a headboard from an everyday object such as a paneled wood door. Surf boards, skateboards, and vinyl records make cool artwork.

-- Contrary to popular belief, a twin bed is not ideal in a kid¿s room. Junior might seem small now, but he will likely outgrow a twin bed by the time he¿s a teen. If space allows, incorporate a full- or queen-size bed. This also lets the room double as a more comfortable guest bedroom when needed

Include plenty of storage

There's no getting around it -- kids accumulate stuff. While parents don't want to stifle creative play, we do like bedrooms to be neat and tidy occasionally. Make it easy for your son to find what he's looking for, and keep his room picked up, by including plenty of accessible, easy-to-use storage options.

-- Add display space. Kids like to collect and build things. Fill his room with lots of display space where he can show off his collections and line up the creations he has built. Picture ledges work well for this.

-- Wall-to-wall bookshelves offer terrific storage space and eliminate the need for a lot of other furniture to clutter the bedroom. Use low shelves for easy access to books and toys. Use higher shelves to display models, trophies, and other special items.

-- Use open bins or baskets wherever you can to make it easy for your son to stay organized. Storage containers are available in many colors and sizes to add decoration and function to the bedroom. Attach easy-to-read labels on the front to make pick-up time a cinch.

-- Paint a section of a wall with chalkboard paint. He'll marvel at the chance to be able draw on the wall. And you'll provide him with great creative space to express himself.


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