A Chic Boy's Room for Two

A room built for two boys is a ball when form meets function

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    Brotherly Fun

    This room shared by two boys has a no-frills, and tailored style that will keep its good looks through the years. It's also sturdy and practical enough to survive the rigors of a shared boyhood. The homeowners wanted the look of this room boyish, but grown-up, and it's age-appropriate for toddlers, teens, and ages in between.

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    For Work and Play

    Metallic details, like an Art Deco rocket lamp, an office-style filing cabinet and oversized hardware clips add a sleek shine. The red accent color was picked up from spot fabric and applied to the desktop.

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    Hardware Display

    A few goods from the hardware store were transformed into art gallery displays. The oversized hardware clips were hung on eye hooks. The clips can hold artwork, favorite photographs, important papers and more.

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    Basket of Fun

    A basket of balls was inspired by the polka-dot fabric on the beds' headboards. But the basket is more than just decor. A rising basketball star can easily grab a ball and shoot some baskets at the indoor basketball hoop.

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    Heavy-Duty Curtains

    Navy blue canvas panels get an update with gray and red waffle textured material sewn along the bottom. The blackout draperies can be drawn to block sunlight in the summer when bedtime comes before dark. The curtain rods, made from galvanized fence posts, define durable.

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    Personalize It

    Turn plain white sheets into custom-made bedding. One way to create a monogram is to design it on a computer and then print it onto iron-on transfer paper. Follow the instructions that came with the paper for personalized sheets.

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    With Kids in Mind

    Each element of the room was designed to be kid-friendly. If you are decorating a room for a younger child, be sure to consider age. In this room, the beds are low to the ground and the file cabinet nightstands are also shorter.

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    Make Your Mark

    Let your kid have a part in the decorating fun. The art canvases above the nightstand are a mom and son creation. Kids will feel proud knowing they contributed to their new room.

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