A Boy's Friendly Frog Room

A kid's bedroom filled with friendly animals can be a dream come true. The creature-happy space is perfect for one boy or a pair of brothers.

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    Froggies Everywhere!

    For a rough-and-tumble 4-year-old, a pond-themed room is the way to go. Cool blue covers "outdoor" space, painted frogs, reeds, and clouds create no-worries artwork throughout the room. Underfoot, a large braided rug creates the look of water.

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    Set for Two

    A second twin bed on the other side of the dresser is perfect for guests or a sibling. Large, dark blue beanbag chairs can be moved around the room to wherever the kids decide to plop down. Underfoot, a large braided rug creates the look of water.

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    Versatility is Key

    Choose bedding that will give your boy's style room to grow along with him. Simple patterns such as stripes and zigzags give the bedding longevity.

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    Custom Mural

    Frog and pond-themed motifs were painted on the walls and surround the space with whimsy.

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    Cloud Nine

    In lieu of curtains, shades topped with wooden cutout clouds give the space dimension, signaling blue skies ahead for the room's happy resident.

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    Clever Curtains

    Fleece no-sew tie-top panels conceal the television in Gabe's room. The television and versatile drawer units can be removed to make room for a computer and desk chair in a few years.

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    Little Details

    Cute frog knobs are the perfect detail to add a little personality to plain, white closet doors.

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