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Create a bright and happy bedroom for the young man in your life. Find inspiring decor and boy's bedroom ideas from some of our favorite spaces that are all boy.

Cheery Space to Play

Kid spaces are a great opportunity to add multiple layers of color, but resist the urge to go overboard with too many saturated tones. Take color cues from a pillow or cheerful striped rug that layer several muted shades together but do not overwhelm with too many competing colors of the rainbow. This boy's room decor features calming shades of blue, gray, and white, with small doses of bright green added for fun.

Organizing Made Easy

Teach your little one the ins and outs of organization with clear boy's bedroom storage. What was once a bookshelf became home to this little boy's toys, keepsakes, and games. With clearly defined places for everything, your little boy will be more likely to want to clean up on his own after playtime.

Stripes Galore

There's something about stripes that just seems to scream "boy's room." This boy's bedroom design goes all out with stripes of different sizes and colors, but the underlying scheme of blue, yellow, and white ties the whole space together. Primary colors are always a good bet for kids' rooms and can be adjusted to fit a more mature bedroom in a boy's future.

Use these decorating tips to create a boy's bedroom that's full of color and personality.

Boy's Bedroom Ideas

Color and pattern can do a lot when it comes to bedroom decor. Smart (and decorative) storage solutions play double duty in this boy's bedroom design. See how simple decorating ideas add personality and how you can do the same in your little guy's room.

The Chameleon of Color

White walls look anything but boring when paired with a bold patterned bedspread and bright boy's bedroom decor. Sunny orange, bright blue, and lime green accents create a lively color scheme. Crisp white bedroom walls and open shelves set a neutral backdrop that will pair perfectly with any decorating style as tastes change.

Out to Sea

This nautical shared bedroom uses boat-shaped boy's bedroom furniture to emphasize the theme. Complementary wall art and a red, white, and navy scheme gives the bedroom a cohesive and masculine look. White walls help balance the rich red carpet.

The New Neutral

Although many people don't think of blue as a neutral, it really is one of those colors that goes with just about everything. Soft blue walls blend effortlessly with a variety of patterns and textures in this toddler boy's nursery. Plus these soothing shades of blue will have true staying power as he grows. When considering boy's bedroom ideas for small rooms, turn to light blue as its airy shade makes a space look bigger.

Sports, Sports, Sports

Drive home a sports theme for an active boy's bedroom without going overboard with astroturf and sports-inspired bedding. This boy's room uses a large basketball print with vivid color to set the color scheme. Floating shelves feature the trophies and awards he's most proud of.

Nautical Preppy

Give a boy's room a nautical vibe with a navy boy's bedroom set, plank walls, and ship-inspired accessories. A gallery wall of antique posters and sailboat flag bunting adds to the theme without making the decor look too juvenile. A madras quilt at the foot of the bed brings all the accent colors together.

Space Cadet

Wondering how to decorate when your little one adores outerspace? Instead of embracing an all-out cosmic boy's bedroom theme, use neutral colors and furniture to create a sophisticated space, then add fun planet-theme accessories. A large model solar system hanging above the bed is fun now but can be easily replaced as interests change.

Room for Two

Although shared spaces are fun, it's important to choose a theme that everyone likes. The masculine color scheme in this boy's bedroom allows for many possibilities in wall hangings and accessories. Mature bedding and upholstered headboards can last well into these brothers' teen years.

Artsy Inspiration

Searching for a kid-friendly color scheme? Look no further than their artwork! Inspiration for this boy's room came from the dynamic painting hanging on the wall. Blue walls look great contrasted with a vibrant orange bookshelf and throw blanket, and a few splashes of lime make for a fun color scheme.

Explorer Extras

Consider defining an oddly shaped room with a high-contrast paint job or accent wall. This built-in bed nook features a map mural that coordinates with the washy blue walls of the rest of the room. Not only does this boy's bedroom paint idea emphasize the layout, it also gives the room an adventurous theme.

Forest Fun

Nature-inspired boy's bedroom ideas are great for any little boy with a love for the outdoors. To emphasize a vaulted ceiling, this boy's bedroom features white shiplap that runs vertically on the wall and horizontally on the ceiling. A mix of natural materials, like twine on the bed frame, bamboo Roman shades, and a wood accent wall, add to the woodland feel.

Storage for All

Cleaning up after playtime will be a snap with built-in boy's bedroom storage. Colorful bins and baskets hold art supplies, playing cards, paper, and more. The lower shelves are great for storing kid-friendly books, toys, and games, while the top shelves are better for items that need parental supervision.

Fun for All Ages

Gray continues to be a popular neutral and works for both younger boys and teenagers. Shades of gray, black, and brown create this neutral boy's bedroom. Add pops of blue in seating, accent pillows, or wall art for a fresh dose of relaxing color.

Creative Beds

To give your boys more room for both work and play, consider pushing their beds along adjacent walls. The open space in the middle of the room will be perfect for overnight guests or playtime. Consider lofted beds for your boy's bedroom; the space below works as a fort when they're young and a place for storage or study as they grow older. 

Monkeying Around

A jungle theme gets a nautical twist in this gorgeous neutral bedroom. Classic sock monkeys swing from vines, while others perch happily on vintage boat oars. A twin-size bed packs extra storage with built-in drawers for toys and clothing. A shag rug adds comfort and style underfoot.

Happy Campers

Wondering what to do when your little one adores flying? Instead of embracing an all-out aviation theme, use neutral colors and furniture to create a sophisticated space and add fun airplane-theme accessories. A large model airplane hanging above the bed and some adorable airplane throw pillows embrace his love of flying, but the items can be easily replaced as his interests change.

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