Animal-Themed Bedrooms for Two Boys

A kid's bedroom filled with friendly animals can be a dream come true. Two brothers with similar tastes live in a pair of creature-happy animal-themed bedrooms.

For the rough-and-tumble 4-year-old, a pond-themed room was the way to go. Cool blue stars in the "outdoor" space, painted frogs, reeds, and clouds create no-worries artwork throughout the room. Underfoot, a large braided rug creates the look of water.

Choosing simple patterns such as stripes and zigzags gives the bedding longevity.

Frog and pond-themed motifs were painted on the walls and surround the space with whimsy.

In lieu of curtains, a wooden treatment (called a lambrequin) topped with wooden cutout clouds gives the space dimension, signaling blue skies ahead for the room's happy resident.

Fleece no-sew tie-top panels conceal the television in Gabe's room. The television and versatile drawer units can be removed to make room for a computer and desk chair in a few years.

Cuddly jungle animals were the way to go for a quiet 3-year-old. A subtle plaid pattern painted on the lower half of the walls leads to a soft green "field" where a menagerie of painted animals roam beneath a canopy of leafy branches.

A daybed stands in the corner, reminding parents and child that the days of crib-sleeping are coming to an end. But the play area in the center of the room will be useful long after the crib is gone. A chunky rug anchors the space and is soft on the hands, knees, feet, and eyes.

The window treatments here are simple and light: a sheer, short curtain near the crib and a simple valance over the changing table, letting the sun shine in on all the creatures resting in room, both human and otherwise.

Friendly-faced animals create a gentle jungle animal theme.

More animals parade around the patterned rug that includes all of the room's colors.

Bright orangey-red details keep the color scheme from being too pastel and washed out, and will help transition the room to toddlerhood and beyond.


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