Sophisticated Kid's Bedroom Makeover

See how designer Barbara Brock transitioned a child's chaotic room into a more sophisticated space for a teenager by decluttering, simplifying, shifting furniture, and softening the color scheme.

Cluttered with small toys and overloaded with hot pink, this little girl's bedroom was more garish than cute. Stuffed animals and furniture were crammed in every available inch of wall space, making the already small bedroom feel even smaller. With a few simple changes, the room was transformed into a teen hangout spot.

Rearrange Furniture

Arrange My Space: Kid's Bedroom Makeover

Some easy furniture arranging secrets can help a room feel more open. In this room, the bed was originally pushed into a corner to allow for a narrow table squeezed between the bed and the wall. The table was piled high with stuffed animals, making the entire far wall packed from end to end. After the animals were tucked in the closet, the designer brought the table out of the corner. Now the child can use it as a craft table, homework desk, and more. The bed is now centered against the wall, allowing the child to walk around it and creating the illusion of extra space. Without all the toys taking up floor space, the designer was able to bring in seating by way of two gray poufs. They can easily be moved around when the child has friends over.

Simplify Belongings

donation box

Clearing out clutter instantly makes a space feel bigger than it really is. Help your child think about what items he or she uses most, then either donate or store the rest. Just getting stuff off the floor is a big step. To help the process along, the designer asked this girl to pick out five of her favorite toys to keep out and put the rest in the closet. Giving kids a set number of items to clean or display is often an easier directive to accomplish than just "Clean up your toys!"

Color Change

Pink and purple pillows and blanket on light gray velvet sofa

Bold, bright colors can easily overwhelm small spaces, and this room's hot pink carpet was no exception. The room took on a more mature look with a switch to soft gray carpet, the pink reserved for small doses. Gray throw pillows stay youthful when covered in playful patterns.

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