Organize Your Desk Like a Boss

Organizing your desk isn't as hard as you might think. You don't need to be a business owner to organize like a boss, and with these simple ideas you can tackle the piles on your work space in style.

Custom Acrylic File Box

Not every household and desk area has the room for a filing cabinet, and this includes my little blog office. To tame your loads and loads of paperwork in a stylish way, you can customize a pretty acrylic file box the way Ursula of Home Made By Carmona did for her office. This way you can keep all your papers at arm's reach without a bulky cabinet, and to top things off, it also looks pretty.

Computer Desktop

Let's not forget about your computer screen desktop! My MacBook screen tends to get very cluttered with files and photos. Once in a while I have to rearrange, purge, and file those visually cluttering JPGs and folders to start fresh for different posts and projects I'm working on. Getting a new and pretty downloadable computer screen wallpaper like this one from Enthralling Gumption always helps to make me feel like I cleaned up and am ready to tackle more work.

Small Custom Corkboard

Another way to tame those little work reminders and papers without using a lot of space is to use your walls. Not everyone has the room for a large pin board or magnetic board above their desk, and those also tend to be on the pricey side. This is why I love Bettina's idea of painting simple cork pot holders in pretty colors and attaching them to your wall. You can find the tutorial on her blog Oh Everything Handmade.

Home Office Built-In

Not everyone has room for a desk or home office, and that is why I love the idea of converting part of your TV cabinet built-in to a little organized home office. The upper and lower cabinets provide the perfect storage for all your files and office supplies and are also neatly tucked out of view.

Pretty Pen Containers

One of my personal favorites is to give pretty vases a double function on my desk. You can utilize your vintage vase collection as pen and pencil holders to keep them at arm's reach and also make a style statement. Find out more at Cuckoo4Design, and see what the rest of the desk looks like.


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