Store-bought organizers to keep the office tidy can be expensive, and it's often challenging to find exactly the right size and style. Instead of buying something that doesn't fill the bill, why not DIY it? Do-it-yourself creations for the office will keep costs down while providing the perfect solution to keep the space neat and organized.
mood board

When designing my office, I was in need of a designated spot for all the magazine clippings that I use as inspiration for projects. A giant inspiration board -- a board wrapped with a neutral fabric and embellished with nailhead trim -- became the ideal solution to gather my thoughts and keep my creations organized.

Narrow Nook

Office Alcove

Tight on space or have a small unused nook? It could be the perfect place for a desk. Whether for crafting, sewing, or work-from-home needs, a small space can be outfitted with DIY solutions to stay organized. With a tight spot, go vertical by adding shelves to take advantage of wall space. A simple desk surface can be added for task work and to conceal the clutter underneath. Introduce a vibrant, eye-catching fabric to give an unexpected pop of color and pattern.

Stay organized in a small space by using colorful storage boxes and trays. Clipboards are the perfect, inexpensive solution to hold daily reminders, and a framed corkboard can be centered on the wall to easily pin inspiration.

DIY Rolling Cart

office organizer- one time use blogger image

Mobile storage can make office organization easy. For this crafts room/office, Ashley of Simply Designing built a tall rolling cart using wood and a metal frame to house varying sizes of paints and supplies. The cart on wheels can be easily rolled out to get what is needed, then tucked away when not in use. Instead of storing paints in a cabinet, this rolling cart allows the plethora of paints to stay organized and be easily accessible.

Ribbon Organization

ribbon spools- one time use only blogger image

Some office items can be challenging to store and keep organized. For example: ribbon, with its awkward round shape. Instead of throwing your ribbon spools in a box, try a tension rod. Inside one drawer of her desk, Julie Blanner used a tension rod spanning the drawer to organize her growing ribbon collection. What a smart and inexpensive solution to keep office supplies organized!

Colorful Magazine Holders

office organizer-one time use only blogger image

Stay organized and add a pop of color to the office with do-it-yourself magazine holders. Using an inexpensive cardboard file box and gift wrap in varying colors and patterns, Diane of In My Own Style customized her office needs to suit her space, while spending very little. Against the white bookcase, the vibrant magazine holders are fun and functional.


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