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Organize Your Home Office with These Top-Rated Amazon Products

Prices start as low as $14.
By Kennedy Vogel
September 10, 2020
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Searching for that misplaced pen or sifting through piles of sticky notes while trying to video-chat with your boss can add unnecessary stress while working from home. Whether your telecommute situation is temporary or you want to upgrade your existing home office, organizing your space will help you stay motivated and focused. The best part? Your home office revamp doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Simple storage accessories and furniture help corral clutter and give your office a makeover. And once everything has its place, you'll run into fewer distractions and boost productivity. Most of these Amazon storage picks cost less than $25 and they ship in as little as a few days. Add just one to your virtual cart and you're well on your way to a more functional, beautiful workspace.

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Plastic drawer organizer on Amazon
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Clear Drawer Organizers

Say goodbye to your junk drawer by tidying up your desk's tucked-away spaces. Although it's easy to forget the contents of drawers when closed, you'll feel more relaxed (and save time) reaching for items when you can see everything at a glance. Neatly stow away loose office supplies like staples, scissors, writing utensils, and tape in drawer organizers so nothing gets lost. These clear plastic containers come in a pack of six so they can be stacked or arranged to fit your desk. While the 9x3-inch size is ideal for drawers, you can choose from eight other sizes, or mix and match, depending on your needs.

Buy It: Stori Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer, $15.99 (originally $16.99)

Ladder bookshelf on Amazon
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Contemporary Bookshelf

If you have space for a bookshelf in your office, consider a modern ladder design. Use it to display decorative accents, favorite books, or photos to inspire you throughout the workday. This five-shelf bookcase is made from an oak-laminate wood and sturdy metal frame (in various color combos) for a minimalist look that will blend seamlessly with your current setup. Reviewers love that it's easy to assemble in less than 20 minutes and it works just as well on carpet as hardwood floors. 

Buy It: Nathan James 5-Shelf Modern Bookcase, $129.99 (originally $170.20)

Magazine file holder on Amazon
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Magazine File Holders

A stack of binders and notebooks accumulating on your desk is a recipe for distraction. With sleek upright holders, your pile of clutter can easily be contained near your desktop or on a bookcase. These black magazine holders come in a pack of six and are made from premium cardboard to fit letter-size media. For maximum organization, create custom labels so you never lose track of important documents.

Buy It: Simple Houseware Black Magazine File Holder, $13.87

File cabinet on Amazon
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Two-Drawer File Cabinet

Multipurpose furniture is essential to an organized home office, especially if you're tight on space. This filing cabinet features two drawers that can store papers and vital documents while also serving as a surface for your printer. If your work-from-home arrangement is temporary, transition this file cabinet into an accent table for an entryway or living room by removing the interior hang bars. 

Buy It: Carkoci Home Office Lateral File Cabinet, $207.80

Vanity organizer on Amazon
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Plastic Desktop Organizer

Desktop clutter is a thing of the past when you can hide pens, sticky notes, and paper clips in this three-drawer organizer. The sliding plastic drawers make it easy to find items quickly without taking up much space. The container comes in 15 additional colors, and the chrome knobs give it an elevated look.  

Buy It: iDesign 3-Drawer Plastic Vanity Organizer, $24.11