$521 Home Office

Transform an empty corner in to your home office. Stash book on shelves, stay organized with a drawer unit, and lighten ambience with wall lamps.

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    Transform an unused corner into a home office

    With ample storage for paperwork and supplies, this home office serves all members of the family as the center for bill paying and homework.

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    Add floating shelves

    For a clean, contemporary look, install floating shelves ($46.52 each) on the wall. They house favorite magazines, stationery, and homework supplies.

    Wallscapes Big Shelf: Amazon; amazon.com

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    Install lights

    During the day, this home office is soaked with natural light. But when big projects require burning midnight oil, two swing-arm wall lamps ($69.95 each) provide plenty of light.

    Black contemporary swing-arm wall lamp: Lamps Plus; lampsplus.com

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    Join multiple desks to create one surface

    Combining two stainless-steel tabletops ($99 each) created an L-shape workspace that fits perfectly in the space available. Get uninterrupted legroom and a built-in look by attaching the desks to the wall. This installation method will only require two table legs ($30 each), rather than four.

    Vika Hyttan stainless-steel tabletops and Vika Moliden underframes: IKEA; ikea.com

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    Stay organized with a drawer unit

    Frequently used reference books and household paperwork stay organized and within reach with this two-drawer file cart ($29.99).

    Target; target.com

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