Conquer paperwork and everyday tasks by utilizing a single wall to create a functional yet fashionable home office space.

Dream Office

Anyone can have a dream office space, even without an extra room. Assemble storage cubes on a blank wall to turn spare space into a multitasking office. Use the area to sort and organize mail, keep stationery and correspondence supplies in one place, stash favorite magazines, and corral files. Add a standing desk to complete everyday tasks, and dedicate a floor-level cube to shoes and totes. The sturdy sides keep bags upright and contents intact.

Wall Wonder

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Storage cubes in a variety of sizes warehouse magazines, tax records, health care documents, and more. Because the cubbies are open, it's easy to slip items in and out -- and deal with paperwork as soon as you walk in the door. These boxes were custom-built from Baltic birch, but shop for similar wall storage cubes and crates at supercenters and online.

Be sure to hang storage cubes from wall studs using the appropriate hardware. Stagger the placement of the boxes, keeping those accessed most within easy reach. Boost the productivity of one box by adding slim slots to label and sort mail for each person in the house. Include slots for actions such as "Pay," "File," and "Act."

Double-Duty Desk

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A narrow standing desk built with heavy-duty brackets is ideal for quick tasks, while a barstool offers a place to perch. Hang your desk at a height that's comfortable; we recommend 27-46 inches from the floor. Divide the desk into two sides: one to harbor a laptop when not in use, the other to stow trays for small office supplies and electronic devices. Dress up a corkboard backdrop with linen and ribbon.

Coordinating Colors

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Credit: The Wilde Project

A splash of pink in this notebook inspired our selection of trays, art, and decor. To maintain a calm, tidy appearance in an office with open shelves, stick to organizers in solid, neutral colors. These binders, magazine holders, and boxes in graphite and white visually ground the space while showcasing pops of pink.

Cubby Drawer Dividers

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Continue a color scheme in smaller items like simple drawer organizers. Small trays are ideal for open shelving and cubbies. Subdivided trays with clear acrylic drawer dividers make little items easy to locate. Cleaning and tidying is easy and effortless when everything has its own home.

Hanging Storage


Install a cup hook in the top of a small cubby to create a tangle-free hangout for headphones. Shop for similar small, unfinished-pine cube frames online and at local crafts centers. Alternatively, pick up your own wood and supplies to build your own.

Elegant Efficiency

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Multiply the capacity of each wall cube with smart, efficient organizers. Hanging files are great for daily incoming papers, as they provide an easy way to keep important items visible. Use binders to hold reference materials you need only occasionally or those you want to keep long-term. Magazine holders are also fabulous for storing nontraditional-size publications and papers that don't fit well in standard file folders.

Metallic Accents

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Allot hanging files for receipts, medical results, tax records, and invoices. Jazzy colors -- like classic black and gold -- make ordinary contents look a bit more interesting. Slip file folders into acrylic containers for better organization and a clean look.

Stationery Sorter

Dream Office storage cube

A file sorter works well to organize writing supplies like pretty stationery, envelopes, and mailers. Keep a stack of blank cards and envelopes here for convenient note writing. Keep a small tray near the entry for loose change and other pocket items.

Hooks and Hangings

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Install hooks on office shelves to hold items like keys and wristlets. Placing these near your mail filing is a good reminder as you run out the door. Every time you pick up your keys, you'll see you need to pay that bill, send out your party invites, or sign that permission slip.


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