Home Office Makeovers

Whether your work space or desk area needs a fresh coat of paint, extra storage, or more space, a little creativity can go a long way in a home office makeover. Our quick and easy home office projects can transform your office from dull to wow-worthy without much time or money.

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A Real-Life Retro Home Office Goes Rose Quartz

Crossing off those looming to-dos is a lot harder when your work space leaves motivation to be desired. Happily, you can turn your desk area into thoughtfully designed square footage worth showing off in just a few key steps. Blogger and stylist Carrie Waller is here to share how she managed to transform her own dated home office into a practical and pretty pink office.

Smart Home Office Designs

No matter the size, your family's home office can be functional and free of clutter. Tour these home offices to find pretty and practical design ideas and simple solutions for staying organized.