Do This, Not That: Office Storage

Gain control over incoming household mail and papers by using clever organizers that keep your desktop free for work.


Do assign each family member a wall pocket where papers can be stored until they are responded to, returned to school, or filed. Slip school schedules into clear vinyl document sleeves so they can be easily accessed. Use tabs to help you quickly flip to specific documents.

Not That: Overload the Bulletin Board

office organization

Don't fill a bulletin board with schedules and invitations. The overlapping papers will cause confusion.

Do This: Format Your Filing System

office organization

Do use vertical dividers to organize magazines and papers you use weekly. Stash essential office supplies in small stacking bins near your active files. Create a convenient filing space for lesser-used documents. Ideally, this will be within easy reach, so you are more likely to file papers regularly.

Not That: Use the Floor-Space System


Don't use the floor as storage space or let reading material become cluttered. Piles may get lost or mixed with trash.

Do This: Color-Code


Do set up file boxes to organize papers you use monthly. Store the file boxes on a shallow table or bookcase to keep your desktop clutter free. Use four different colors of hanging file folders to help you easily distinguish between financial, insurance, personal, and household documents.

Not That: Take Up Work Space

office organization

Don't store files, notebooks, or other paper supplies on valuable desktop space. Never overstuff file folders or store papers without a folder on a file rack.

Do This: Take It a Week at a Time


Do use a combination dry erase/corkboard calendar that allows you to see your weekly schedule at a glance and keep invitations and tickets for that week at your fingertips. Hang up mini bins to keep track of easy-to-lose papers, such as tickets, gift certificates, and coupons.

Or try this neat paint-right-on-the-wall ombre calendar.

Not That: See Everything At Once

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Don't tolerate a wall calendar with limited space for notes. Seeing a whole month at a time isn't as important as writing down all the details.

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