Carve out office space in any open corner of the house with the hardworking ideas that take advantage of every square inch.

All you need to set up shop is a 5-foot section of wall. Here, we tucked a small desk beside a window and topped it with shelves trimmed with cork lids. The shelves not only look great but also replace the need for a bulky bulletin board. For seating, a stool restyled with spray paint and a new cushion simply tucks away when not in use.

Instead of standard bookends, sew "sandbags" from fun, colorful fabric to corral your books, files, and folders. To make, cut two 8x10-inch pieces of fabric, place right sides together, and sew three sides using 1/2-inch seam allowances. Turn right side out, then insert a sealable plastic bag filled with sand. Topstitch around all to finish.

Instead of a standard task lamp, go bold with a quick facelift project. Start with a simple lamp and update the base with spray paint (we love Montana brand). Cut and glue thin veneer pieces around the shade, then finish with a stencil pattern in white.

Instead of a solid desk drawer, vintage metal card-catalog holders stand in as perfect storage for office papers.

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