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While the new coronavirus is forcing many of us to stay inside, your home office (even if it's temporary) shouldn't add another layer of stress. With these favorite products, including essential office supplies, storage helpers, and little pick-me-up accents, you can get organized, stay focused, and even improve your posture. While you should receive them within a week, keep in mind that shipping could be delayed to prioritize emergency items during the pandemic. Here are 15 of our favorite work-from-home must-haves.

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lap desk
Credit: Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

1 To Take Meetings From Your Couch: Lap Desk

Long stretches of working from home sometimes require a break from your desk. But you can still take calls and meet deadlines from the comfort of your couch. To ensure your laptop doesn’t overheat (and that you can comfortably work) invest in a lap desk. This one comes with an elastic strap to hold writing utensils as well as a built-in slot for your phone. 

Buy It: Lapgear® Large Deluxe Elevation Lap Desk in Linen Gray, $34.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

wireless mouse and keyboard
Credit: Courtesy of Best Buy

2 To Protect Your Wrists: Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

In response to COVID-19, many employees were told to work from home without time to grab a keyboard, mouse, or other supplies. Protect your posture (and prevent your hands from cramping up on a laptop keyboard) by investing in a wireless mouse and keyboard, that allow you to work from anywhere.

Buy It: Logitech - MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - Black, $24.99, Best Buy

blue light blocking glasses
Credit: Courtesy of J.Crew Factory

3 To Protect Your Eyes: Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Because many of us are glued to our phones or computers checking the latest news (or finding an escape via funny Instagram feeds), you might be experiencing more screen time than normal. And while scientific evidence on the effects of blue light is mixed, these glasses are guaranteed to help you study in style.

Buy It: Round Blue-Light Glasses for Women, $11.50, J.Crew Factory

black wireless headphones
Credit: Courtesy of Best Buy

4 To Decrease Distractions: Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The dishwasher running; your children playing; your partner watching television: There are endless distractions at home that take away our attention from the task at hand. Luckily, these noise-canceling, wireless headphones will help you keep focused. Plus, they hold a charge for 20 hours!

Buy It: Insignia Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, $79.99, Best Buy

happy light for office
Credit: Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

5 To Boost Your Mood: Natural Sunlight Lamp

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a home that overflows with natural light. And if you don't have a private yard or patio, you might be stuck without consistent access to vitamin D from the sun. This UV-free LED lamp can serve as your source of sunshine and will help you fight the quarantine blues

Buy It: Verilux HappyLight Lucent Light Therapy Lamp, $44.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

mesh holder
Credit: Courtesy of Staples

6 To Fight Clutter: Mesh Desk Organizer

Even if your home office is a corner of your dining room where you're also juggling a million other tasks, having some sort of organization system is good for productivity. This simple, yet effective mesh organizer includes a sliding drawer, five upright filing sections, and a spot for sticky notes, too.

Buy It: TRU RED Wire Mesh Desktop Shelf, Matte Black, $10.99, Staples

ball chair
Credit: Courtesy of Office Depot

7 To Support Your Spine: Balance Ball Chair

You might not have the best home-office ergonomics: straight spine, relaxed shoulders, and perfectly-aligned wrists and hands. To improve your posture and protect your spine, try sitting on this balance ball chair a few days of the week. The nearly-five star-rated seating comes with casters so you can easily move about your office, or take the ball out of the base completely for a lunch-break workout. 

Buy It: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, Blue, $71.99, Office Depot

metal file cabinet
Credit: Courtesy of Overstock

8 To Organize Supplies: Rolling File Cabinet

Looking to get organized? Consider finally sorting that pile of random papers you have hanging out at home. Enter: this three-tier rolling file cabinet that is as sleek as it is functional. The best part? You can easily repurpose it for storage or extra shelving once you transition back to your office away from home.

Buy It: 3 Tier File Cart, $35.09, Overstock

gray small air purifier
Credit: Courtesy of Target

9 To Clean the Air: Desktop Air Purifier

It’s never a bad time to improve the quality of the air you breathe. This desktop air purifier comes with a HEPA filter and removes 99% of dust, pollen, smoke, odors, and pet dander. Since you’ll be inside for the foreseeable future, why not have better-quality air circulating?

Buy It: Germ Guardian 3-in-1 Air Purifier Table Top Tower, $59.99, Target

black coffee mug warmer
Credit: Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

10 To Keep Your Morning Brew Toasty: Coffee Mug Warmer

You meant to finish that fresh cup of Joe you brewed this morning but then an unexpected meeting popped up. This inexpensive yet super-handy desk accessory will keep your mug warm so you don’t have to keep running to the microwave to heat it up between calls. 

Buy It: Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, $10.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

over the door fabric hanging organizer
Credit: Courtesy of Target

11 To Streamline Your Electronics: Over-Door Hanging Storage

Since many of us don't have a designated home office, creating makeshift solutions will help the transition. We like this over-the-door hanging storage to keep notebooks, chargers, pens and other office supplies in check. Without worrying about a mess, you can spend more time getting work done (and later relaxing with Netflix.)

Buy It: Honey-Can-Do 20-Inch Over-the-Door Soft Hanging Organizer in Natural, $35.99, Target

black footrest for office
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

12 To Support Your Lower Back: Under-Desk Footrest

Rather than letting your feet dangle or tuck underneath you, give your toes a bit of support with this under-desk footrest. The 18-inch-wide device keeps feet elevated and comes with three height adjustments for better posture.

Buy It: Goins Ergonomic Adjustable Angle and Height Office Footrest, $34.99, Wayfair

three potted houseplants
Credit: Courtesy of The Home Depot

13 To Add Some Love: Three Indoor Plant Set

One way to improve the air you breathe is via our plant buddies. This set of three is hand-selected from growers at Costa Farms, and each one is known to filter pollutants. These lightweight, easy-to-care-for green beauties will give you something to nurture and care for during this chaotic time (in addition to yourself).

Buy It: Costa Farms 02 For You House Plant Collection, $33.99, The Home Depot

gray surge protector
Credit: Courtesy of Staples

14 To Stay Charged: 12-Outlet Power Strip

If you and your partner are now both working remotely, you might find yourself fighting for outlets. Avoid any squabbles with this 12-outlet power strip with a surge protector. You'll be able to charge all your devices at once. 

Buy It: Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector w/ 8ft Cord, $36.39, Staples

indoor fountain
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

15 To Maintain Zen: Indoor Relaxation Fountain

Many people are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress with so much uncertainty around our welfare. It can be difficult to find peace during such a turbulent time. This relaxing indoor fountain creates a consistent, soothing sound to calm your nerves. Its small size (just 8 inches tall and wide) is ideal for your desk or even a bedside table.

Buy It: Resin Relaxation 3-Step Little Water Fountain with Light, $35.99, Wayfair


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