An investment in a good office chair is good for comfort and good for your body.

Tempted to use an extra dining room or folding chair at your desk and computer? Don't! Tempted to finally buy that overstuffed leather executive chair to sit in while you keyboard? Watch out! Your backside and your back will regret these choices.

Why just any old chair won't do:

  • Dining chairs are too rigid and restrict your mobility -- especially chairs with arms -- when you are at the computer.
  • Folding chairs can be wobbly and lack support for long periods of sitting. These chairs can be pitched at odd angles that hinder your body as you are typing or keyboarding.
  • Overstuffed leather executive chairs are made for people who don't need to work on a computer. You'll sink back into the chair, and you won't be able to reach your keyboard unless you strain your back.

Invest in a Good Chair

You can still cause damage to your back, neck, shoulders and wrists even while using the computer in the family room! You'll be more comfortable if you invest a little money into a desk chair.

So how do you choose a desk chair?

  • Look for a 5-castor base (older chairs have 4 castors which may tip over).
  • Sit in the chair. Does it feel sturdy and stable, or ready to tip over or back?
  • Can adjustments be easily made from a seated position?
  • How comfortable do you feel in the chair? The slightest discomfort you initially feel will only get worse as you spend time in the chair.


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