Sheets of gutter topper and a few clothespins transform a boring wall into a modern art display for cheap.

Utilitarian gutter topper gets an industrial-chic makeover as this striking memo board. Gather your to-do lists, invitations, greeting cards, photos, and pint-sized masterpieces in one easy-to-make (and expand!) place. Bonus: Switch out notes with the season -- how great would this look as a display for holiday cards, birthday well-wishes, or graduation announcements?

Materials You'll Need:

Gutter toppers (we used 9) Metal cup hooks White spray paint Clothespins Magnets Tacky glue Art cards and/or photos

1. Measure the short side of one gutter topper to determine where to place the hanging hooks. Drill two small holes in the wall, and then manually screw each hook into the wall (see detail photo at right). 2. Repeat Step 1 for each gutter topper. Hang them at different intervals as shown. 3. Spray-paint clothespins your desired color—we chose white to let the artsy cards stand out. Let dry. 4. Glue a small magnet to the back of each clothespin. You don't need much glue—a small dot will do. 5. Hang your art. We chose a mix of cards to add sass to our wall, but photos deliver a great personalized touch. Or, try Christmas cards this holiday season.

DIY Tip: Speed your project time with handy magnetic tape sold in rolls. Simply cut the tape with scissors, peel off the backing, and stick the magnet to your clothespins. You also can buy adhesive magnetic dots—just peel and stick.

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