Brighten up your desk with these metallic office accessories that glimmer! Each glitzy item is sure to bring charm and personality to your work space.
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The days of using random objects to keep your notebooks and files from tumbling are over. Enter these gold pig bookends. Not only do they serve a functional purpose, but they're cute and sure to start some great office conversations with Greg from Accounting. Up the fun factor and decorate your pig for holidays and special occasions. Because who can resist a gold pig with a Santa hat?

Folders That Shimmer

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Up your paper organization game with this set of gold polka-dot file folders. They are sure to add some glitz and glam to your cubicle. And if you love the polka-dot design, you will probably love the striped version, as well. Streamline your organizational look by using a label maker to designate the folders' contents.

Bind Paper in Style

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Forget basic black binder clips. These gold striped binder clips are sure to make putting together reports and other paper-based projects much more fun. Because these clips are pretty on their own, store them in a clear container on your desk.

Foxy Letter Opener

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Don't risk a painful paper cut while opening mail. Instead, opt for this foxy brass letter opener. It will definitely bring charm and whimsy to your desktop when displayed in a stylish pencil cup.

Better Than Basic

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Why bother with a boring trash can when you can ditch your unwanted scraps in style? This glossy, gold receptacle is sure to make you feel like a CEO. It will also garner some attention because it's not every day that you see a sparkling gold trash can.


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