Whether you have a whole room, a closet, or only a cabinet to house your crafting space, use these creative tricks to design a dedicated crafting retreat where you'll love to spend time.

By Cyndy Aldred
August 20, 2018

Are you looking for a creative way to carve out some space for the perfect crafting retreat in your home? The "crafty" solution might be a lot easier than you think! It could just be a matter of exploring the spare spaces available throughout your home.

Closet Creative

Craft Room

If you can spare a closet or consolidate two closets into one to free up space, you can create the perfect crafting retreat by adding shelving, a countertop, and a pegboard on the back wall for craft storage. As a bonus, you can shut the closet door to hide away any unfinished crafting projects!

Image via: Beneath my Heart

Make the Most of Your Guest Room

Collaborative Space

If you have a guest room that only sees visitors a few times a year, consider taking over a wall in the room to create your dedicated crafting area. Floor-to-ceiling shelving provides additional storage, and a small desk can give you a nice crafting work surface. A guest room closet can house your crafting supplies, sewing machine, and other products you'll want to have on hand.

Creative Cabinets or Shelving

Craft Room

If you can't repurpose a closet or part of an office for your craft space, consider taking over a cabinet or a shelving unit in another area of your home, such as a family room, basement, or bedroom. Large glass cookie jars and other canisters are a great (and pretty!) way to store craft supplies on open shelving. Clear plastic storage bins are perfect for storing craft supplies in closed cabinets.

Combined Office and Craft Space

Full shot of craft room with violet and lime striped chairs and checkerboard flooring

Converting an existing office space in your home into a dual-purpose craft area is easy to do by adding pegboard storage to a wall to hold craft supplies. If you can, divide available cabinet and file storage spaces to house both office and craft supplies.

Armoire or Wardrobe


Another option for creating a dedicated crafting retreat is to convert a large armoire or wardrobe with corkboard or magnetic board. Many types of armoires and wardrobes have built-in eletrical outlets that can be ulitized for a sewing machine, glue gun, and other craft tools that require a plug-in. Inside shelving can be customized to fit your crafting needs.


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