12 Music Room Ideas to Fuel Your Creative Side

farmhouse style music room piano
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Whether you're a novice or a practiced professional, a music room provides an escape to relax and learn. Create a personalized setup that limits distraction and offers everything you need to comfortably practice, teach, listen, or play. These music room ideas will help you design an inspiring space to jam out or hone your skills.

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Music Room Design Tips

baby blue music room daisy guitars
John Bessler

Home music rooms can take many forms, so before you begin designing, determine how you plan to use the space. Consider whether you'll spend most of your time practicing a certain instrument, teaching others to play, listening to music, or even recording songs. Then keep this purpose in mind as you choose furniture, storage, decor, and other elements to fill out the space.

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Multi-Purpose Music Room

music room white piano chairs
Amy Neunsinger

If you don't have an entire room to spare, incorporate music room ideas into a multi-purpose space. A formal living room, for example, can serve as both a quiet spot to practice and a place to share talents with guests. Here, a grand piano takes center stage in this living area, while a settee against the wall offers a comfy spot to play guitar or other instruments.

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Music Room Flooring

cow hide piano white fur bench windows
Kim Cornelison

Rugs are a staple of music room decor. Especially in rooms with hardwood or tile floors, an area rug provides an extra layer of soundproofing, muffling noises that would otherwise echo off hard surfaces. Choose an area rug with a plush pile that can both absorb sound and add a cozy touch underfoot.

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Inspiring Music Room Decor

music room piano black rug frames artwork
Carson Downing

The design of your music room should inspire creativity and focus. Fill the space with art and accessories that make you feel happy and motivated, such as favorite framed photos, music-themed art prints, and awards or other recognition you've received. Organize these items into a gallery wall you can glance at for an instant dose of inspiration.

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Music Room Instrument Art

farmhouse style music room piano
Rett Peek Photography Inc.

Musical instruments can make beautiful and practical art for a music room. Mount your guitar, violin, trumpet, or other equipment on the wall for an eye-catching accent that celebrates your love of music. Plus, when your favorite instrument is stored in plain sight instead of tucked away in a case or cabinet, you'll be more likely to pick it up and start playing.

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Nature-Inspired Music Room Decor

music room wood shelves piano plants
Annie Schlechter

Incorporating plants is another trick that can help soundproof and beautify your music room. Large, leafy plants are especially good at absorbing sound, and they can add a striking focal point to the room. Bring in plants in a variety of sizes and shapes and space them throughout your music room for the biggest impact.

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Music Room Ideas for Listening

vinyl record player music shelving wood
Tria Giovan

When you're done practicing for the day, a music room provides an ideal spot to unwind with your favorite album. Equip the space with a stereo system that offers high-quality sound, or opt for a record player for retro-style listening. Incorporate shelving or other storage furniture to organize your collection of vinyls or CDs.

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Strategic Music Room Lighting

pale pink painted piano stairway art deco bird wallpaper
John Bessler

Good lighting is essential in a music room, especially when players will be reading sheet music. Incorporate a mix of fixtures, including general overhead lighting and more targeted task lighting, to ensure sufficient brightness. Here, an adjustable table lamp rests on the back of this piano, poised to illuminate the music stand when needed.

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Music-Themed Decor

wood music room typewriter
Jason Donnelly

Decorate your music room with items that reflect your personal tastes and talents. Choose art with a musical motif, or create your own wall decor based on a favorite song or artist. Frame sheet music or a blown-up album cover for easy music room art.

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Music Room Storage Ideas

wallpaper vinyl record player guitar window
Marty Baldwin

Include plenty of storage to keep your music room organized and looking polished. Use open cubbies or shelves to stash vinyl records, music books, sheet music, and more. Simple metal stands are great for storing and displaying instruments when not in use.

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Small Music Nook

white stairs music corner artwork guitar
Kim Cornelison

Carve out space for music wherever you have a few extra square feet. These homeowners took advantage of a corner alongside the staircase to form a small music nook. A low cabinet hosts a record player, while a guitar rests nearby, ready to be played along with a favorite tune.

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Music Room Location

black guitar drums piano music room
Anthony Masterson

The best location for a music room is a space that's quiet, private, and free from distractions. If possible, designate a room where one can shut the door to help block sound and limit the potential for interruptions. In busy homes, a basement music room can provide a secluded spot away from noise from the street and household activities.

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