Small-Space Dining Rooms

Turn a small dining room into a focal point of your house with these tips and tricks. Our small dining room ideas will make your space look larger, help the flow of traffic, and increase storage in a small footprint.

Neutral Dining Nook

Neutral colors and a mix of textures give this dining nook a cozy feel. Wicker chairs contrast the sleek, smooth surface of the table. A simple corner banquette provides plentiful seating and drawers along the bottom add storage to the dining nook. This banquette is the perfect narrow dining room idea.

Small Dining Set

This small dining table with a bench provides both function and style in a small space. Having the bench against the wall maximizes the available floor space, and airy chairs give the illusion of extra room. Simple table legs keep this segment of the house feeling open and airy. 

Defined Dining

Creating a dining area can be difficult with a narrow open floor plan. Define the dining room with a large floor rug that a small dining set fits on easily. Narrow dining room ideas include many decor styles, though the clean, simple lines of modern furniture lend themselves to small spaces. This midcentury-style set has simple legs that leave the space open and inviting rather than heavy.

Two Tone Design

Dress up a small dining room with an interesting wall treatment, such as board and batten or wainscoting. In this dining room, white wainscoting extends two-thirds of the way up the wall and is topped with a band of light blue. While the walls are light, introducing dark peacock blue on the chair seats and drapes brings dimension to the space, proving that dark colors have a place in small dining room decor.

Deep Color

Small space dining rooms are often nooks carved out of larger spaces. Unify the dining area with the surrounding spaces by employing similar design characteristics. Just a step away from the kitchen, this nook carries the sleek black-and-white color scheme of the adjacent kitchen, but is distinguished by plum accents. A round light fixture contrasts the square table and cabinets and adds a modern touch with its silver lining inside. Small dining room furniture, including minimalist chairs, provides additional seating without overwhelming the space.

Rich Warmth

Choose a table that follows the lines of your banquette bench for optimal seating and movement. In this narrow nook with a rounded banquette bench, an oval-shaped table fills out the space nicely, but the rounded corners make it easier to move in and out of the banquette. Curtains that cover half the windows allow the room to maintain its soft, natural brightness while providing privacy and adding character with a unique pattern.

Bright Dining

Employ pops of color to enliven petite dining quarters. Hues of pink and orange bring vibrancy and energy to the space. A corner banquette saves space and makes the dining area much cozy. A bold print on the window shade and throw pillows and the shiny mod chairs bring a contemporary touch to the corner.

Conversation Booth

A dining booth design is perfect for conversation and relaxation, and a savvy way to utilize a corner of space. Windows surrounding this booth expand the view of the room to the outdoors, creating a more spacious feel. White benches with striped cushions contribute to the light-hearted feel and add a sense of comfort. A pedestal table, without legs on the corners, makes it easy to get in and out of the booth.

Framed In

This stretch of wall serves multiple purposes, thanks to smart planning. Built-in cabinets flank the window, carving out space for a small dining table. The set-up contributes valuable storage space as well as functioning as a eating area for casual meals and morning coffees. This small dining table and chairs is the perfect solution for small spaces, especially in apartments.

Blending In

A white corner banquette blends in with the white walls and white decor making it nearly invisible. Cream colored cushions and printed pillows make the banquette stand out and add color and texture to the corner. A dark table contrasts the white color scheme but keeps with the room’s simplicity. Small lamp sconces on the wall almost go unnoticed but provide subtle light. Framed and canvas artwork adds more character and color to the space.

Grand Illusion

This breakfast nook is given a larger appearance thanks to light colors, natural light and a few design tricks. Small dining room furniture, like this table, is a good starting point. Pastel and white checkered upholstery on wooden chairs mixes light and rich tones. Vertically paneled walls and floor-to-ceiling curtains make the room feel taller.

Plain and Simple

Tucked away in the corner, this small dining room idea is plain and simple in the best way. Set against a white backdrop, a chestnut pedestal table brings a traditional, homey touch to the corner. A small window banquette seats two to three people and provides extra storage in the drawers below. Simple chairs are light and easy to be repositioned, allowing seating all around the table. A lantern-style light fixture draws attention to the space and distinguishes the area from the rest of the kitchen.

Space and Comfort

When quarters are tight, opt for extra comfort. While most banquettes provide seat cushions, this space takes comfort to the next level by boasting back cushions mounted to the wall. Drawers in the base of the banquette provide extra storage space while the three-sided wrap-around bench provides plentiful seating. The nook sits right inside the back door, and a slim white bench tucks in close to the table and doesn't jut out into the adjacent walkway.

Different Styles

Keep the focus off diminutive quarters and draw attention to unique details in a small dining room. Test out this small apartment dining room idea. In this eclectic dining room, a simple white table is surrounded by different style chairs that bring diversity and style to the room. A small cushioned bench provides extra seating and adds a sense of comfort to the space. The over-sized mirror reflects light to help the room feel more spacious.

Pattern Pops

Patterns make this neutral dining room interesting and exciting. Soft cafe latte walls and simply dressed windows provide a basic backdrop for detailed accents. A checkered tile floor with different shades of blue and beige to match the wall instantly adds color and character to the room. Blue and white geometric patterned cushions atop the woven, wooden chairs and a round, blue patterned bulletin board on the wall add additional pops of pattern and color. This simple set-up is a great small dining room idea on a budget.

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